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When William III became the king England, he was released as a free man.  Having a great respect for him due to his expertise in art, the Moorish goldsmith offered his daughter to him for marriage plus half of his wealth in exchange for terminating his plans to go back to Galway.
A variety of choices for these delicate and intricate tattoo designs are available for you to choose from.  You can opt to combine the claddagh tattoos with names printed beneath them, or you can also carve a tattoo on your finger to look like a ring design. Read on to learn a bit more about the history, origins and meanings behind celtic tattoo designs and the Claddagh tattoo in particular. Claddagh rings are popular as wedding bands because they symbolize three important aspects of the wedding union.
Claddagh Tattoo Designs and MeaningCeltic Tattoo Designs In PracticeSo if you're planning to get an irish claddagh tattoo design, what will this mean? Tattoos have a long history that is more than thousand years old which is growing stronger with each passing day but they have acquired an entirely new face today; one that is associated with style.
The tattoos with meaning are mostly the quote tattoos that are created in different kinds of fonts on the body parts. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Literary Tattoos, Believe Tattoos, Carpe Diem Tattoos and Meaningful Tattoos For Men. The zen circle and the quote represent the strong desire inside the girl to become a free soul and her efforts towards achieving the goal.
The cancer ribbon along with the mustang symbolizes the fight of the family members of the girl against cancer. This tattoo tells us to enjoy our life to the hilt and listen to the heart if it asks for some entertainment and fun. The girl expresses love and respect for her parents with this cute quote tattoo that is witty as well as soulful. This tattoo is inspired from the character of Shore Leave, an OSI agent in the fiction series The Venture Bros, who had a similar chest piece. This leg tattoo inspires one to live each day with positivity and cherish each moment that comes along. This tattoo has the sun sign of the wearer, his family members, his belief in yin yang philosophy, carved on the left side of the back because he is a left-handed person. This touching tattoo with the girls holding the dandelions represent the sisters of the wearer clung to their parents. The girl got the flowers and the Chinese symbol (meaning friendship) tattooed on her back as a symbol of love for her best friend. This man shows up a good way to wear your loyalty for your country as a tattoo on an unexposed part of the body.
Quote from Chuck Palahniuk that makes a creative man see the positive side of depressing situations. The peace sign resting on the back of the neck signifies its importance in the present times and we must strive for it.
Brilliant tattoo with an evocative image that stands for the fact that the person believes in doing his duty without fear or favor. The girl got this tattoo in memory of her boyfriend who has left for his heavenly abode but continues to dwell in her heart. The man expresses his love for his beloved who is no more with a quote tattoo that is about eternal bonding.

The lettering and the praying hands holding a rosary are the symbols that the person is a devout soul. This person got the traditional Irish ring carved on her ankle because she values friendship, love and loyalty.
The girl believes in spirituality and has got a graceful tattoo on her arm to express the same. This Celtic tree of life represents the belief of the wearer in life, death and rebirth; the eternal cycle. The swallow along with the cherry blossom flowers represents the endearing presence of the girl’s father who is no more.
This piece of tattoo having the yin yang symbol, musical notes, octopus, clowfish and shrimp makes for an artful design. The girl expresses her pride in her native culture through this portrait and lettering tattoo, carved below her breast. Pretty and simple tattoo carved on the shoulder that is a symbol of love and its free spirit that everyone desires. The Chinese symbol means faith and the lotus flower stands for the mother of the girl and both play an integral role in her life. Holding a long stick in her hands and hair covering the face, this wanderer girl tattoo has a secretive aura. Birds flying from the tree symbolize new beginning that always takes us on an adventurous ride in our life. The holy symbol of love and freedom finds a place as tattoo on the body of the person for inspiration and peace.
The girl believes in having her own identity in this male dominated society and the tattoo is an expression of the same belief. The girl got this crown tattoo as her lover calls her the queen of his heart and both of them love zombies.
This wrist tattoo embodies the self belief and confidence of the girl who always inspires her to strive for a better life. Break free from the self-made shackles that bind you in chains and fly like free birds, this is the message of the upper back tattoo. This deer tattoo with the always lettering is inspired from Harry Potter and is a tribute to the favorite character of the wearer i.e. The creative tattoo with twin meanings is a favorite of many as it has a touch of brilliance and imagination. A cool quote tattoo inspiring one to do what the heart desires and let one’s soul soar like a free spirit. The man believes that one must always lead a fearless life and keep learning because it makes us strong and efficient. The symbol of atonement in Christianity, flying on the wrist, stands for sacrifice and resurrection. This quote expresses the desire to see eternal love flourishing on the earth and that will be possible only when we implement this philosophy in real life.
The cherry blossom flowers covering the bare back of the girl are a symbol of sensuality and ooze the same.

Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Flipped around, it means the wearer is married. The hands represent trust and friendship, while the heart stands for love and the crown signifies loyalty and fidelity. However, Joyce did not accede to his offer, and proceeded to his hometown to marry his fiancee. There is actually a small fishing village in Ireland called The Claddagh where the tradition was derived from.
In one story, an Irish woman marries twice, each time into great wealth, and uses her newfound influence to improve the infrastructure of her town. If the wearer is married, engaged, or willing to consider love, the crown should be facing away from the body.
Remember that if the crown is facing outwards, it symbolizes willingness to love or commit.
However, the meaningful aspect of the tattoos refuses to leave it as people still get the designs carved on their bodies with the purpose of expressing some feeling or attitude.
At times, quotes and images are mixed together to generate a more forceful and effective meaning to appeal to the onlookers and send out a lucid message. Irish flags, celtic knots and crosses, shamrocks, and Claddagh motifs are all popular options.
The circular shape of the ring, which can also be drawn into the design, stands for eternity.
The second involves an Irish slave being freed, and foregoing wealth in order to return home. If the wearer isn't willing to consider love, the crown should be pointing towards the body. The tattoos with meaning are more popular than the ones that are etched simply for style purpose. Images alone, are also a part of the meaningful tattoos but then the meaning becomes very personal; limited to the wearer only. Your tattoo artist will work with you to create a design that incorporates the meaningful elements you love while making sure it works on your body type. There are several legends that explain the beginnings of the Claddagh symbol. The theme of both these tales seems to be providence and unexpected reward.Meaning of Claddagh TattoosCeltic Tattoo Designs and MeaningsThe meaning of the claddagh ring is simple. Men and women get such tattoos on their different body parts in different colorful and creative designs.
This less popular version of the design called a Fenian Claddagh ring. Sometimes the Claddagh is also accompanied by a cross, which represents faith. Worn on the right hand, with the bottom of the heart facing outward, the wearer is single and looking for love. A Claddagh ring worn on the left ring figure, with the bottom facing out, means the wearer is engaged.

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