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This doesn't mean, however, that the churches that they are planting are not facing crises. Many of the problems facing churches today are not from the pressures on the outside but the unresolved struggles inside. Throughout this study, we will see the importance of the local church along with its leadership and organization. Paul writes to deliberately shape Goda€™s people to look more and more like the bride of Christ.
They are exactly the prescription that can be written for the church in our modern society today. Millions of people call themselves ChristiansBut the question is whether they follow Christ. Early on in chapter two we will see four categories: Older men, older women, young women and young men. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Extensive commentary on the biblical books of 1 & 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon. These infant churches are the front line of God's kingdom and the injuries are there to prove it. Watch Paul the Apostle as he tries to encourage leadership to rightly deal with these problems without being overbearing. If we only wanted to form a few super cells, the body would not be able to rightly function and die.
Where the gospel goes forth in power, there the evil one will do his worst to bash God's growing kingdom. In this series we are not only better able to understand Paul's calling into ministry but also to clarify our own call to follow Christ.
We first of all see a lack of commitment among Goda€™s people the lack of standards among God's people. This is a major truth that needs to shape and influence how we think about our participation in the local church.

At the age when most men retire, Burton began and completed a monumental project: the writing of a complete set of commentaries on every book of the Bible. The Book of Titus helps us understand how to handle the difficulties new churches face, whether it has to do with leadership weakness, doctrine, false doctrine or other internal struggles. Without proper guidelines and protection, they face the exact problems that we now see in the Book of Titus as it describes the church scene in Crete.
Paul himself was shaped by it and ended up in Crete and elsewhere building up the body of Christ.

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