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Inspect the external ear for deformities, atrophy, nodules, lesions or signs of trauma or inflammation such as swelling or erythema. Cauliflower ear is a deformity usually caused by repetitive trauma (the classic example is in rugby players). With the posterior-most hand, gently grasp the pinna by the helix and pull upward, backward and slightly away from the head.
Brace your index finger against the patient's face to prevent damage in the case of sudden unexpected movements (especially common when examining children). Many early learners fail to advance the speculum far enough into the ear as they are afraid of hurting the patient.
Note any otorrhea, blood, wax, A tumors, foreign bodies, osteomas or exostoses (benign bony outhgrowths of the EAC).
If a foreign body is found in the ear canal, make sure to check other orifices such as the opposite ear and the nasal cavities for additional foreign bodies!
Systematically inspect the TM by dividing it into 4 quadrants: posterior-superior, posterior-inferior, anterior-inferior and anterior-superior. Quadrant by quadrant, begin to familiarize yourself with the pertinent landmarks (umbo, handle of malleus, short process of malleus, pars flaccida, pars tensa). If you are having orienting yourself with the tympanic membrane, start with the light reflex. To prevent the patient from lip-reading, make sure they are unable to see your face while whispering in their ear.
Strike a 512-Hz tuning fork against either the palm of your hand or against your knuckle to set it into vibration. Holding the fork (by the stem) between you thumb and index finger, place the tip of the stem on the mastoid process. If the patient can hear the sound, ask them to notify you as soon as the sound is no longer audible. In patients with normal hearing, air conduction (AC) should always be greater than bone conduction (BC) (meaning the patient can still hear the sound with the fork at the external auditory canal after they could no longer hear it with the stem on the mastoid).

If the Rinne Test is negative (ie: BC greater or equal to AC), the patient likely has conductive hearing loss in that ear.
In the case of unilateral total sensorineural hearing loss, the patient may be able to hear the vibration of the tuning fork even when it is placed on the mastoid process of the deaf ear. Holding the fork (by the stem) between you thumb and index finger, place the tip of the stem against the top of the skull. In the Weber test, sound lateralizes away from sensorineural hearing loss and towards conductive hearing loss.
Hearing loss is considered a problem of conduction when the outer ear, eardrum, or middle ear restricts sound from being processed. There are many potential causes of conductive hearing loss, with some problems being easier to treat than others.
If you have any questions about conductive hearing loss or hearing loss in general, please contact one of our locations to speak with an audiologist. Conductive Hearing LossThis website uses cookies for remembering your choices and for web statistics.
Typically, a speculum with a tip diameter of 4mm is used for adults and children and a 2mm speculum is used for infants.
Is best to hold the otoscope in the right hand if examining the right ear and in the left hand if examining the left ear. This helps to straighten the ear canal (remember, the canal is curved downward and forward). If you can't see the ear drum, try pointing the speculum upwards and forwards and continue advancing slowly into the canal. If the canal or TM is not visible due to cerumen impaction, remove the ear wax and try again.
The TM is divisible into these 4 quadrants by drawing an imaginary line straight down the handle of the malleus, then by drawing a second line (perpendicular to the first) right through the umbo. Alternatively, you may occlude the canal directly with your finger while moving your finger quickly but gently within the canal.

In sensorineural hearing loss, the Rinne Test will be positive unless there is complete hearing loss in that ear. This is due to the vibration propagating through the skull bone and being perceived by the healthy ear.
Alternatively you may press the vibrating fork against the middle of the foreheador nasal bridge. It is impossible to properly interpret the result of the Weber test without a corresponding Rinne test (see table below). This type of hearing loss is not noise-induced (though the ear may also suffer from some noise-induced hearing loss), and it is often reversible either medically or surgically if there is no damage to hair cells in the ear. This type of hearing loss may be indicative of something more serious, such as a tumor on the hearing nerve, or something relatively easy to remedy, such as an earwax blockage in the ear canal.
Antibiotics or antifungal medications are usually prescribed for ear infections, whereas surgery is usually an option for malformed or abnormal outer or middle ear structures and other physical problems. Malformation of the outer or middle ear structures, a middle ear infection in which fluid accumulates behind the eardrum, abnormal bone growth in the middle ear, a hole in the eardrum, or poor Eustachian tube function may be responsible for conductive hearing loss. Hearing aids are often the best answer when surgery is not possible, because they significantly improve hearing and are convenient. Though usually not necessary, cochlear implants that directly stimulate the cochlear nerves are another option.
If the Corti organ in the cochlea functions normally, hearing aids can help transmit sound in in the outer or middle ear. Visit our Shop Finder to find a hearing care professional near you.ONLINE HEARING TESTOur online hearing test is very easy to complete.

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