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Such interpretive processes can be demonstrated by alternating a sinusoidal signal with bursts of noise. In this demonstration, 125-ms bursts of a 2000-Hz tone alternate with 125-ms bursts of noise (1875-2125 Hz), as shown below.
The pulsation threshold is given by the level at which the 2000-Hz tone begins to sound continuous.
It is a mysterious sound on the very edge of perception that has driven thousands of people around the world to distraction. Residents of Woodland, in County Durham, claim that every night a noise permeates the air similar to the throb of a car engine. But no matter how hard they look, the community cannot find the source of the problem and, at their wits end, have called in the council to investigate.
The 300-strong population is the latest around the world to be hit by the rumble which has in the past led to wild conspiracy theories blaming it on UFOs, government experiments and abandoned mine shafts.

It's most famous occurrence was in Bristol in the 1970s when more than a thousand people complained of the consistent drone causing nosebleeds, sleeplessness and headaches. The noise started about two months ago and has been plaguing the isolated village every day since.
If our view of one object is obscured by another, for example, our perception may be that of two intact objects even though this information is not present in the visual image.
Whether the signal is perceived as pulsating or continuous depends upon the relative intensities of the signal and noise. The noise level remains constant, while the tone level decreases in 15 steps of -1 dB after each 4 tones.
A whole onion should be cooked till it is soft and then it should be wrapped in a piece of cloth and applied over the ear to provide relief from earache and dizziness. Another good earache home treatment can be prepared by warming tiny pieces of chopped radish in mustard oil and this oil can then be filtered into a glass bottle.

The olive oil should be only slightly warm before being put into the ear canal to relieve ear pain.
In case of an earache, a few drops of this oil can be inserted into the affected ear to provide pain relief.
An earache can affect one or both ears and can vary from a mild, dull ache to a throbbing or stabbing pain that is nearly incapacitating.

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