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Panasonic has announced that they will be releasing four new Digital Cordless Phones this year  – the KX-TGH220, KX-TGE220, KX-TGC220 and the KX-TGB210.
The base features an advanced integrated answering machine, which can notify you to new messages via an audible alert, visual icon, or send an audible message or SMS to your mobile phone. The handset benefits from curved shape and an ergonomically designed back to make it easier to grip.
With a choice of seven colours, the KX-TGB210 is great if you need to have a landline phone, aren’t that interested in features, and want something that can match your home interior. The Panasonic press release gives no indication of a release date, but we are expecting all four models to arrive this summer. Craig has been working for liGo since 2010 and has built up a veritable wealth of knowledge on cordless phones. He lives in Glasgow, and spends his free time pursuing interests in music, amateur street photography, and procrastinating on Instagram.

The introduction of cordless phones saw them replace wired phones as the primary telephone choice for landline users. About The BlogThe liGo blog is updated daily with information on the latest news, releases, and reviews. A nuisance call blocking feature will allow you to register up to 50 individual numbers (or block entire groups of numbers based on the first two to eight digits), and reject calls from withheld numbers. The well proportioned keypad is amber backlit for use in low light, and are easy to press for those with impaired dexterity.
The KX-TE220 is also Hearing Aid Compatible and features volume control keys on the side of the handset so it can be adjusted conveniently during the course of a conversation.
The handset boasts a 1.6 inch amber backlit display, and a more rounded shape that is more akin to the current KX-TG6821.

Panasonic have an excellent reputation for manufacturing some of the best budget cordless phones  (read our Customer reviews of the Panasonic KX-TG 6711). If you can’t wait until then for a new landline phone then take a look at the current crop of Panasonic Cordless Phones on liGo. You're in safe hands when it comes to finding out about the latest features, and trying to find the riff from the raff.

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