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As one of the grand festivals of India ‘Diwali’ is knocking the doors, we also get closer to noisy and pollution causing fireworks without which our Diwali seems to be incomplete. Loud noise produced by fire crackers affect adversely to our overall health and especially our ears.
Firecrackers like bombs and whistling rockets produce sounds in the range of 150 to 175 decibels.
Babies are even more prone and much adversely affected by the noise caused by firecrackers.
Mostly young babies only cry if the noise is hurting as they are unable to say or describe their symptoms to you.
Except these alarming signs of ear damage, one may be affected by other health problems like anxiety, stress, and headache also. A sudden loud noise may cause a sharp pain in ears and damage eardrum resulting in noise induced deafness. You can prevent hearing damage or loss in kids by following these baby ear sound protection guidelines. If you have a young baby, it is better to stay inside with windows and doors closed, which ensure your child’s ear safety. And, if you cannot stay away from festive celebration and want your baby to see the fun, following points on baby ear protection from noise can come to your help.
Keep safe distance of at least few meters from the fire crackers bursting noise to keep your baby in safe zone.
Enjoy aerial fireworks with your baby, as there is lesser risk of hearing damage due to increased distance from the bursting fireworks. Celebrate Diwali with the fireworks of low frequency sounds like spinning fireworks, sparklers, fountains etc.
If you notice your baby afraid, restless or crying during celebrations please take him away from all those bang noise.You can also read the 6 ways to ensure safe Diwali for children.
If you follow these precautions and tips, I am sure you can enjoy Diwali celebrations even with your kids and young babies without any fear of hearing loss or damage to them.
Few of us want to be that person who roams the hallways barking into a headset, but it often pays off -- for parents of young kids and busybodies alike.

Today, this pair of comfortable, noise-isolating headphones is available at a price you'd normally expect to see for low-quality or refurbished models. Seagate's Backup Plus drive pleased reviewers with its USB 3.0 transfer speeds, which allow you to back up your treasure trove of music, pictures and video without wasting much time. You can find more powerful laptops out there, but this middle-of-the-road ASUS model offers decent specs for the price of a low-end system. While discounts on the hottest games are tough to come by, Dell's Grand Theft Auto V deal makes for one sweet add-on. EA, Gillette and Amazon are getting weird and desperate here in a scheme to unload copies of Madden NFL 25. Besides being the reason of our excitement and joy of celebrating Diwali firecrackers are also the cause of air pollution and noise pollution. High decibel sounds of firecrackers trigger stress, hypertension, insomnia and hearing loss. If you are also worried about your babies, read on further to know how you can protect your baby’s ears during Diwali celebrations.
The noise pollution of firecrackers may result in temporary or permanent hearing loss in babies. Thus it is required to protect babies from the noise pollution during Diwali celebration, as they are more vulnerable to its harmful effects. Take care to roll the cotton earplugs tightly so that the cotton does not get stuck in baby’s ears.
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They cause damage to eardrums and the tiny hairs in inner ear that are responsible for generating nerve impulses and sound production.
Earplugs can reduce the frequency of sound, although cannot block the noise completely if it is very loud. Our friends at sister site gdgt track price drops on thousands of products every day, and twice a week they feature some of the best deals they've found right here. Also, in especially timely news, it's worth noting that Sprint is offering new customers the iPhone 5c for free and the iPhone 5s for $99.99. Still, Amazon's forgiving return policy means you should have no problem getting a refund if the headphones don't live up to expectations.
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