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How rid earwax - live science, Impacted earwax is one cause of hearing problems, and is more common with increasing age. How clean impacted ear wax livestrong., Impacted earwax occurs wax cerumen builds ear canal, result external objects, hearing aids, ear plugs cotton. Sadhus and Gurus of various sects assemble with their faithful followers to spread the message of Sanatan Dharma.
It is also a great stage to spread the awareness of keeping our rivers clean and pollution free. Kumbh Mela also attracts huge number of foreign tourists, spiritual seekers, photographers and documentarians from world over.

Thus, it becomes a mega event celebrating the blending of entire humanity.The highlight of my stay at the Mela is the biggest bathing day that took place on Mauni Amavasya on Feb 10th. I was so prepared for that day, that I woke up at 4 A.M in the morning and rushed towards the Sangam only to get stuck in the crowd at such an early hour and chilly weather.
But, It was an overwhelming experience to witness such gathering of humanity and their act of faith.
Official figures at the end of the day was 30+ million people who had successfully taken the holy dip at the Sangam in a single day.
With this staggering numbers, ear crackling noise levels, walking many miles a day, toiling in dust and sweat without good food, I was still a happy man at the end of my stay since I was going back with such rich experience and memorable images from Kumbh Mela.

I am not sure if I completely succeeded in capturing the essence of Kumbh Mela, but I know I made an honest attempt and I will go back again after 12 years with some more maturity.

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