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Phones ringing, texts bleeping, email pinging, facebook updates, sometimes getting heard amidst the din can be tricky right? I was invited along to the recently opened Lush Spa in Edinburgh (the only one currently in Scotland) to experience this interesting sounding treatment. Now, what’s become clear is that Lush likes to carve out its own path when it comes to spa treatments and beauty products.
The treatment beings with an Alice in Wonderland experience to begin it with a drink me, eat me episode. Elise begins with a lovely facial massage with hot and cold stones before introducing the tuning forks, pushing the vibrations through different points on my head and body. Sarah Tolan is the founder and editor of Scottish Beauty Blog, Miss Nifty and Kate's Wardrobe.
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Scottish Beauty BlogInstead of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, my list would go something like cleansers and toners, mascaras and glosses. A while back I had visited the spa and was blown away by the awesome The Good Hour, so I was intrigued to see what the Sound Bath offered.
And this was no different because at the heart of this treatment are items I’ve never come across in any spa treatment before: tuning forks, rainsticks, a bell tree. Then it’s through to the treatment room where I’m tucked into a heated bed and here lovely incense is wafted through the air. And the feeling is lovely; a relaxing hum just fills your head cancelling out any internal racket going on.

A new experience to me, I was slightly apprehensive but found the gentle heat and soft crackling relaxing. My head is clear yet I’m very sleepy and yawning my head off.  The best way I can describe it is, you know that feeling when you've been on holiday and nothing really seems to matter because you're so chilled out? I like the ethos behind the brand, and I’m a fan of the amount of detail and thought that goes into the brand’s treatments.
It might sound vaguely hippy to some but British brand Lush is doing just that with its Sound Bath spa treatment.
The tuning forks are also used as sonopuncture on and around the ears to give same state of relaxation as comes with meditation. Some people might consider a treatment based in sound therapy as too alternative or whimsical. No, I'm Sarah Tolan, blogger and journalist and when it comes to my favourite things, it's all about beauty products. I also love blogging so I decided to set up, Scottish Beauty Blog, where I - and you - could combine the two to bring you the latest beauty news, all with a Scottish slant that is more subtle than being och aye the noo and tartan clad treats. In addition, there is also a reference voltage, user set in 1 Hz increments between 110V and 120V.
From these user settings, a 200 watt power amplifier operates before the second toroidal transformer for AC output.
For example, preamp in one outlet, and transport+dac or phono+turntable, so long as they do not exceed the 100 watt limit. If need be, one can refer to a cheap device such as P3's P4400 Kill A Watt for close calls.

Therefore, my final attack focuses on power regeneration at the preamp level, even as I order tube-output NOS and a vinyl setup for further experiment.
The P-100 arrives first via UPS in 2 days due to my close proximity to Monarchy Audio, and this is what I hear. I keep this initial impression a secret, to see if the harshness returns in the following weeks to come. They always do just when you think the problem is over, but by then it is too late to take back your glowing review that is all over the internet. However, that requires a more powerful unit, and leads to the PurePower APS for another review. Not all aspects of that "harsh digital sound" comes from the format itself, or the computational method of the DACs. But the Monarchy makes some hum audible through speakers if it is close to some other components.
I have little floor space for my audio components; if you have a dedicated music room with greater than 12 foot depth you'll fare far better in placement.
It is audible with my ear 1 inch from the loudspeaker, but not audible at listening position.
The Entech transducer is fairly quiet, some faintly audible radio-like sounds when I place it next to my ear.

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