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Acquired hearing loss is that which develops in an individual sue to injury, infections or chemical agents. Thousands of children are impacted by acquired hearing loss that affects their social development apart from speech and learning abilities. The infusion of stem cells in the cochlear region of the ear is found to repair the damaged hair cells and generate new and healthy cells. A cure for deafness could be on the horizon after scientists created specialised ear cells in the lab.
Grown in their thousands, the delicate hairs could one day be transplanted into the inner ear, restoring hearing to millions. It may also allow some balance disorders to be eased and aid the search for drugs to prevent people from becoming hard of hearing. Age-related hearing loss affects half of Britons aged 60 and over and there is currently no way of holding it at bay.

In the latest research at Stanford University, California, scientists perfected turning stem cells - blank cells which can turn into other cell types - into the delicate hairs found in the inner ear.
The hairs made in the lab from mice looked and acted like the real thing, the journal Cell reports.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Stem Cell Educator therapy slowly passes lymphocytes separated from a patient’s blood over immobilized cord blood stem cells (CBSC) from healthy donors. Scientist now think, that successful immune modulation by umbilical cord stem cells and the resulting clinical improvement in patient status may have important implications for other autoimmune and inflammation-related diseases. To help such children researchers at the Hermann Hospital in Houston have come out with stem cell infusion therapy. These healthy cells are capable of regaining lost sound reception and hence restore hearing in such children.

Ageing, noise and general wear and tear make them wither away and, until now, there was no way of replacing them. Researcher Stefan Heller said: 'We knew it was really working when we saw them in the electron microscope. It also raises the tantalising possibility of creating drugs to coax the ear into growing more hair cells of its own accord. A new method described uses stem cells from cord blood to re-educate a diabetic’s own T cells and consequently restart pancreatic function reducing the need for insulin. Median age was 29 years (range, 15 to 41), and median diabetic history was 8 years (range, 1 to 21).

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