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Great for: sleeping, recreation (motorbike riders), surfers, plane travel, industrial noise protection. It's no secret that a big part of why we're into American motorcycles is the sound they make. Hearing Dynamics has come up an even better option than just a nice pair of earplugs or expensive headphones. See Also:Crescendo Ear Balm Custom Earmold LubricantCrescendo Ear Balm formula with soothing aloe and other natural ingredients, significantly enhances the comfort of inserting, wearing, and removing custom and reusable ear plugs.
Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.Learn about Slic-Sil AntiMicrobial Coating. Perfect-Fit™ CSLP ear plugs are made in a canal only style that insures they are comfortable to lie on while you sleep in blissful silence. With custom fitted in-ear headphones, you will be comfortable and the effect of outside noise will be drastically reduced. There are a few different companies that offer this service.  One company named Westone offers a wide selection of models from in-ear headphones for serious musicians on tour, to the everyday person who takes listening to their music seriously.
Featured TestimonialI have struggled with hearing loss for many years, and bought hearing aids elsewhere before I went to HearFlorida. Patented EarSonics Acoustic Filters: clearly hear without distortion, at a -16dB volume reduction. We love to hear the bike as we ride down the open road-the roar of the motor, exhaust pipes crackling. A do-it-yourself impression kit and free Priority Mail shipping (US addresses only) are included.
Perfect-Fit™ CNP Model Custom Noise Protection ear plugs are made of JB1000 medical grade silicone for maximum durability and comfort. So that you can express your personal sense of style, Perfect-Fit™ CSLP ear plugs are also available in a wide choice of colors as well as enhancements that include multi-color swirl, glitter and even glow in the dark. Customers appreciate when their comfort is a company’s top priority.  Head phone companies have been working with their customers’ needs in mind.

Most of the time within a few minutes of use, the headphones become uncomfortable and irritate the inside of the ear. If you have decided that a custom fitted in-ear headphone set is for you, first you will need to have an ear impression made to assure that the ear bud will fit perfectly.
I instantly felt comfortable with the staff and audiologist, received more thorough testing than I ever had, am hearing better than I have in years and therefore participating in activities and conversations more.
It comes with all manufacturer supplied accessories, and full manufacturer's USA warranty.
However,we ride so often that even the toughest of eardrums can use a break every now and then. Please send me a free kit.I have or will get impressions locally and send to you within 2 weeks. To let you express your personal sense of style, Perfect-Fit™ CNP ear plugs are available in a wide range of colors, and with several optional enhancements including multi-color swirl, glitter and even glow in the dark. Ultra-Soft W1 SiliconeWestone Style 40 multipurpose ear plugs are an excellent choice for any high noise environment, the style 40 is very popular with shooting enthusiasts, heavy equipment operators, construction workers, and for those who must sleep with a snoring bed partner.
Not only is comfort an issue with traditional in-ear headphones, but the quality of sound is too. I am so impressed by the knowledge, care, and willingness to help, and cannot be more thankful for this improvement in my life. We wanted to get a set of custom-fit plugs made when we came across Beth Orliss, owner of Hearing Dynamics. Perfect-Fit™ CNP is available in full shell, half shell or canal only to accommodate most variations in the need for other protective headgear, dual hearing protection systems and personal preference. Designed specifically for use with full custom earpieces of all kinds and is sterile and unscented. Outside noise has a poor effect on listening to music and is disruptive when you just want to escape into your favorite song. So if you are a serious musician or someone who takes listening to their music seriously, you should consider looking into custom in-ear headphones.

For a quick fix, you could stuff some cotton in your ears or pick up some cheap foam plugs. She explained to us that what she offers is not just a good set of custom-fit plugs but also a great pair of headphones as well.
Contact HearFlorida and get more information about getting your custom molded in-ear headphones. These options will help a little for the immediate ride, but when the day is done, all you're going to be left with is some wax-coated trash.
Another option is to get a set of headphones and listen to some music while out on that open road. Beth gave us a list of places that work with her company; all we needed to do was to get an impression made and then sent back to her. With headphones you get the best of both worlds, cutting out the noise you don't want to hear and allowing in the noise-er-music you do. The larger headphones that cover the entire ear can be bulky, and therefore difficult to fit under a helmet. Small earphones are not shaped to contour the individual ear and might bother some people on long trips if they aren't the right size. I would recommend these earplugs for anyone who wants to do some studying or work in a public place, or at the comfort of their own home.
Each time, the earplugs were less comfortable and provided substantially less sound isolation than the foam earplugs I've been sleeping with for years. But I also use them to sleep if someone is snoring or if there are other noises keeping me awake. The custom fit means they sit perfectly in my ear so they are more comfortable and block out more sound.

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