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Female Fashion in Pakistan Fashion Shows, Pakistani Dresses Discussion on current fashion and lifestyle, Get to know the best you can do for yourself. Beaded jewelry designs and motifs have been used in a style where were infused with gold and diamonds. The Damas Group has 500 stores in 18 countries around the world as of April 2009, out of which 18 stores fall under the administration of Al Mana Damas Jewellery, in the state of Qatar.
Quality consciousness, inspirational leadership and international reputation have led Damas to win prestigious awards including the exclusive De Beers Award 2000, 2004 and 2007 for jewellery design.

Famous jewelery designer Damas presents latest collection at the 11th TBCW 2015 Day 3, Sunday, December 13, 2015 at the Hotel Faletti.
Fashion Sensation was HSY there with his resounding voice and produces excellent effects via choreographed the show. Bridal Couture Week has been done by HUM network five years ago with the aim of promoting the Pakistani bridal industry pioneer.
In this collection of jewelry items each and every one of them fell out of the hearts of so many people who have heart stopped beating.

Damas International Limited is listed on Dubai Nasdaq (former Dubai International Financial Exchange) and its shares are traded under the ticker ?DAMAS?.
Show great bridal, now the highly anticipated event in the fashion industry has become and continues to exceed the expectations of each show with his fans, viewers and designers.

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