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Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. These speakers send a narrow beam of sound so that only listeners in a targeted zone pick up the audio they transmit.
This works like a regular phone but uses voice-recognition technology to provide real-time written captions on a large-type touch screen. This model has all the advantages of a portable phone, including caller ID, with the sound quality of a corded phone. Smartphones and tablets, with their texting and video capabilities, are a boon for those with hearing difficulties. Perfect for film buffs, this app by Zero Gravity Captions is a search engine for captioned movies. For many years industrial emergency communications centered on auditory devices such as sirens and alarm bells.  Gradually visual signaling and tactile devices have been incorporated into plant alarm systems that accommodate the needs of the hearing-impaired.

Among some of the more interesting and unique approaches for alerting hearing-impaired workers are vibrating alarm devices that workers can strap to their bodies, and the use of "hearing dogs" which can be trained to alert people to everything from someone entering a room, abnormal machinery sounds and malfunctioning equipment, to ringing telephones. Modems that convert personal computers into Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf  (TDD). But for people with hearing loss, the explosion of digital devices brings fresh opportunities to connect and gain information. What that means: If you’re the only one in the room with hearing loss, everyone else can listen to the TV at a normal volume while you crank up the speakers as much as you need. The phone is part of a free service funded by the federal government that’s similar to closed-captioning on TVs. Check the locations and schedules of theaters that offer closed-captioned films, or stream captioned movie trailers.
You’ll be the only one to hear the boosted sound, and the speakers boast excellent sound clarity and speech intelligibility — no headphones required.

Phone CaptionCall or go online for a form that needs to be certified by a medical professional that you have a hearing loss. Once you have the form, the company will send you a phone and arrange for installation — all for free. You’ll need a standard phone connection (a landline) and high-speed Internet (DSL or cable, not satellite).

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