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Hi Everyone,I realize I''ve posted a bunch of diamonds over the past week or so and everybody has been extremely helpful. It kills me to be an honest person, because I''d really like to have #2 and #3 myself for earrings! However, since I really need H color earrrings to bring down the price, I will tell you that #3 is the easy winner of those 3.
Size is nice, but if there isn't a noticeable difference then I might as well get the WF .7.

They are all great diamonds, the WF one being a VVS would be a little high on the clarity for me, but maybe that is important to you? As for clarity I realize that an eye clean SI would probably be my best value, but my comfort level with going to a higher clarity when making an online purchase makes me feel better about it.
When you are looking at this size range, every fraction of a mm counts, so I''d certainly want this one over a .73, even though that is a lovely stone, too.
The third diamond is a tad on the deep side for me, I prefer slightly less depth personally.

Frankly, I like the measurements of the WF diamond better but I wish they had somethin in the VS1-VS2 range.Do people think that the WF diamond will perform better visually to the point where a a difference is readily perceptible? That is why I am having a dilemma deciding which size I really want for earrings!These 3 are all ideal cut hearts and arrows stones.

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