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Fresh 16g vertical tragus surface piercing with 3mm prong set CZ gems that I just got to do.
The Engagement RingThe ever famous ring was personally chosen by Diana from a selection presented to her by Garrard Jewelers, making it an unusual royal choice because anyone could purchase it from the Garrard catalog at the time.
Gold Weave Bracelet & Gold WatchPrince Charles gave Diana much jewelry, including the gold watch on her left arm and the gold weave bracelet on her right.
Sapphire and Diamond Cluster EarringsThese earrings made of a single oval sapphire surrounded by 10 round diamonds were one of Diana’s favorite pair of earrings.
Saudi Arabian Diamonds and Sapphire SuiteThe Princess received this magnificent set of jewelry from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia as a wedding gift. Black Bow and Dangle EarringsThese drop earrings from Butler and Wilson are from Diana’s paste collection and are cut in colored crystal.
Diamond Flower BroochThis diamond brooch was left for Diana after her friend Adrian Ward-Jackson died. Ruby Sapphire Pearl EarringsThese are an interesting pair of earrings in that one has an oval ruby with a pearl (left) and the other as an oval sapphire with a pearl (right). Triple Strand Pearl Choker with Pearl Flower Cluster Clasp This pearl choker was a present from the Spencer family to Diana on her 18th birthday. Spencer TiaraThis tiara was much different from those that the royal family normally wore in that it has more curved, floral details. Gold Bracelet with CharmDiana wore this gold bracelet with a single charm added to it on her right arm on many occasions.
Yellow Gold Round Button EarringsDiana wore these large, round earrings on many occasions, including here in November 1986 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 18 karat Gold Cartier Tank Francaise Watch After her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana was seen wearing this watch quite often. Sapphire Cabochon Ring It seems that Diana wore this sapphire cabochon ring only once, seen here on her left hand in this photo session during Christmas 1982 at Kensington Palace with baby Prince William.
Oman SuiteThis suite of jewels is made up of a diamond necklace, diamond earrings, and a diamond bracelet. Ear mutilation enthusiasts delight in our collection of 10 wonderfully expressive conch piercings. A large, oval 12 carat sapphire is surrounded by a cluster of 14 diamonds set in 18 karat white gold. She wore them on many occasions including the official birth photos of Prince Harry in 1984, and in May of 1988.

The suite includes a sapphire and diamond pendant suspended on a diamond tennis necklace, matching earrings, a ring, bracelet, and watch. For the first 10 years of their marriage, Charles gave Diana a different charm to add to the bracelet. She was seen wearing this more often in her younger years, around the time of her engagement. The tiara belonged to the Spencer family and is made up of different pieces from the family dating back to Victorian times.
She wore it mostly when she was quite young, during the early years of her and Charles’ relationship. One was during the photo session with baby Prince William on the lawn of the Government House in Auckland, New Zealand in 1983 (left).
She wore this regimental pin as she posed for an official portrait painting in May 1990 (left). It is speculated that she wore this ring in place of her sapphire and diamond engagement ring so she would not scratch baby William. The crescent shaped diamond earrings were given to Diana by the Sultan of Oman during the couple’s visit to Oman in November 1986.
Diana wore this necklace with a beautiful black lace off-the-shoulder gown in at a formal visit in 1987 in Hamburg, West Germany. If you have virgin ears I may have to inform you that the conch is the center portion of cartilage adjacent to the ear canal. When the official engagement photos were released, the ring only had 8 prongs total; 2 in each corner. She is also wearing Prince Charles’ watch on her left arm below the gold one as she watches one of his polo matches.
Recently, William gave these earrings to his wife Catherine who opted to remodel the studs into drop earrings. Diana wore this on countless occasions including a charity concert in 1982 (far right) and a banquet in London held by the King of Malaysia in November 1993. Diana wore it as a brooch on only two occasions before she decided to turn it into a choker. The jewels came in a green malachite box decorated with a palm tree and crossed swords (left). It entered Diana’s branch of the family when it was given to Cynthia, Viscountess Althorp by Lady Sarah Spencer as a wedding gift in 1919. She also wore it on a visit to Australia in that same year as well as while watching one of Prince Charles’ polo matches (right). After the performance, Diana returned the necklace to Garrard for them to make a matching pair of earrings, but she never got to wear the complete set (pictured to the left).

She also wore this pin when she attended the Gulf War victory parade in London on June 21, 1991 (right). In this photo, Diana is wearing the necklace and earrings at a formal banquet in Germany in November 1987. More prongs were added in December of 1981 and the end result is what now rests on Catherine’s finger (also pictured above). The Duchess of Cambridge wore them for the first time at a tennis match in Wimbledon in June 2011.
The most famous wearing of this piece was in October 1985 in Melbourne, Australia when Diana wore the choker as a headband (far left). Diana most often wore the necklace and earrings and occasionally the bracelet, including at a State reception in Australia in April 1983 (right) and also to the Melbourne Australia visit in January 1988. Other charms he gave her included a pair of ballet shoes because of her love of ballet and dream of being a dancer, a tennis racket because tennis was her favorite sport, a polo cap representing her love of polo, a miniature St. After Diana’s death, Prince William and Prince Harry were allowed to walk through her Kensington Palace apartment to pick out mementos of their mother to take with them. She also wore them during the couple’s first official visit to North America in July 2011. She wore this on countless occasions including the White House in November 1985 (when she danced with John Travolta), April 1986 (right), and in New York in 1995 when she presented the CFDA Council of Fashion Award.
Paul’s Cathedral to represent where they were married, a teddy bear because of her love of them, an apple for her love of Manhattan, and a pig which was most likely a private joke. Princess Diana was lent this tiara to wear on her wedding day and she continued to wear it throughout her time as Princess of Wales.
Among many other things, Prince Harry chose her sapphire and diamond engagement ring while Prince William chose this watch.
After Mary died in 1953, the tiara was passed to Queen Elizabeth II who wore it regularly throughout the 1950s.
Diana rarely or never wore this bracelet in public because it was a precious reminder to her of the good times in their marriage. The crown, however, went back into storage until the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer. Queen Elizabeth gave the lover’s knot tiara to Princess Diana as a wedding gift in 1981.
Diana found this crown to be quite heavy, so she often opted to wear her family’s Spencer Tiara instead.

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