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Most natural diamonds are formed at high pressure, high temperature conditions existing at depths of 140 to 190 kilometres in the Earth mantle.
You must return items in new or unused condition with all original packaging and materials included. All ‘Free Gifts’ received with purchase must be returned with products which are to be refunded. If you are returning merchandise as a result of (a) error on the part of Madison jewellery OR (b) defective product, we will exchange it free of charge, or refund the full cost of the merchandise and shipping charges.
The icy, yet fiery sparkle from this princess cut diamond engagement ring is guaranteed to melt her heart!

A lovely, unusual engagement ring where the diamond is set on the diagonal to nestle into the 'V' of the ring's contours, and protected from all sides with the white gold bezel setting.
A matching wedding ring for this Scottish made designer engagement ring is available separately in Grant's Kintyre Wedding Ring Collection, as shown in the image above right.
Please get in touch if you would prefer Grant to make this engagement ring for you in yellow gold.
Carbon containing minerals provide the carbon source and growth occurs over millions of years. If you're not completely satisfied with your jewellery purchase, please call customer service (1300-981-878) within 30 days from the date of shipping, to arrange for an exchange or refund.

When we receive your return our jewellers will inspect the item and provide a replacement or issue a refund.
If an item of jewellery is not in stock, we require approximately 4-6 weeks to complete before it is ready to be shipped out to you.
Today whether its diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, diamond stud earrings, diamond necklace, diamond tennis bracelet or diamond rings, diamonds are still the most adored and loved stones around the world.

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