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One major advantage with the digital hearing aids is that they are able to transmit sound of extremely high quality and that is very accurate. Whichever way that you care to look at it, the digital hearing aid is the state of the art hearing aid technology that gives the most accurate sound. There are many benefits of using this kind of hearing aid and top on the list is the digital feedback reduction, which makes it very comfortable to use.
Digital noise reduction, digital speech enhancements, digital microphones and digital many other features are found in this gadget and what’s more, it keeps on getting better with time. We offer a 60 day money back guarantee, the prices include fitting, free aftercare for the life of the hearing aids, VAT and a full five year extended manufacturers warranty.
It is thus important that you make use of the digital hearing technology so that you have the best that money can buy. Thanks to researchers and specialists who work round the clock to bring you the best, you can now at last get good value for your money. It is important that you get this aid because it monitors the feedback while you we wear it.

Granted, this will cost a tad more than the other hearing implants in the market, but the good news is that you will get good quality and value for your money.
You can also get a good state of the art earpiece that will not be so obvious to everyone, and which will make sure that you do not miss any part of the conversation or the juicy gossip.
In a very simple operation, this digital aid for the hard of hearing translates sound into digital code, which is then re-transmitted back using mathematical calculations. Anyway, that you look at it, this is now a win-win situation where you get value for your money and you also get a long lasting product. It then does notch filtering to eliminate the moderate feedback and thus you are able to wear it comfortably. However, patients need to be counseled and instructed because their expectations may be too high and thus may not be fully met in the shortest time span possible. We have been around a long time, you can be assured of great aftercare, check out some of our customer testimonialsSome suppliers of hearing aids, particularly the national retailers tend to supply older technology at lower prices but don’t tell you the technology is past it’s sell by date! The makers of these hearing aids have the obligations of presenting the right information to the patients.

Also a common marketing ploy is to rebrand hearing aids under a different name or own label to make price comparisons difficult. We’re very happy to dig around and find out exactly what hearing aids others are advising you to buy… please just ask!* If you can find a lower price than ours from any hearing aid supplier based in our trading area we will beat that price by ?50 and also supply two years of free hearing aid batteries in with the price! A written quote on letter headed paper from companies trading more than two years with a sustainable aftercare policy is required to activate our Price Match Promise.
We are very friendly, if you want a quick chat just dial our Freephone number.Alternatively click the button below to find out different ways to contact us and send us your details.
Prices and warranty levels may be different within our network, your local audiologist will confirm their prices and policies.As a company Digital Hearing Care cover a large part of the north of England – In Yorkshire the areas we cover include all these towns and cities and surrounding areas – Leeds, Bradford, Keighley (where our administrative headquarters are based), Harrogate, York, Wakefield and many more surrounding areas.

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