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Wearing something truly unique for Halloween can be difficult, but it’s much simpler if you make your own jewellery.
The next time you eat a bag of sweets, use a knife to slit the back open instead of opening the bag at the top. February 22, 2012 By NikiMeiners 6 Comments Last week I created a Boho Chic Bird Necklace.  I love everything about this Boho Collection from the colors to the textures. Attach eye pin to ear wire using the opened loop, then use the jewelry pliers to close the loop. Attach the eye pin to the remaining loop on your flower bead to connect the two pieces… and your earring is finished!  Earring HolderAfter making the earrings I thought they needed a pretty place to display them. About NikiMeinersNiki is known for her distinctive, high quality creations that feature a diverse mix of styles and highly creative approach to even the smallest detail.
Lay the emptied bag on a baking sheet and bake at 200? until it has shrunk down to a fraction of the size. You can complete your costume in a few minutes in many cases, or just add to your jewellery collection.

Try to collect the used things from home and make your own earrings organizers with the DIY projects. Atfer making the DIY projects, you can find every pair of your earrings for every busy morning. If you need help making loops, check out Vicki’s Wire Loops video on this post for instructions. You can also stick an eye inside a bottle cap and hang it from a chain to make a matching necklace.
Use a piece of string to measure around your wrist and mark this distance on a silicon baking sheet.
Use a needle and thread to attach a chain to each end of the wings and wear it around your neck. Everyone enjoys adding a piece of jewelry to an outfit in order to make it more interesting and liven it up a bit.
But sometimes when you’re in a hurry and you have a particular jewelry in mind, it becomes hard for you to find it in the mess when everything seems to be tangled around.

When the choker is on, it will look like there is a cut on your throat and blood is dripping out. Follow the instructions for baking and glue to earring posts or attach a loop before baking to add the ghost to a necklace. That’s why we decided to share this post with you in which we present you 21 useful DIY jewelry holders. Poke a hole in each blob and use two pieces of string to tie the bracelet to your wrist, making it look like you have large sutures.
They’re also good for decorating your place and give it a modern and sophisticated look.

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