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December 2, 2013 By candiecooper 2 Comments    Are you looking for a fun party activity over the holidays? This beading wedding jewelry tutorial uses pearls, but you can substitute any beads you'd like. Laying out a pattern to these marks will yield a necklace that is 17" (43.2 cm) without the clasp. Back to the top of the Beaded Wedding Jewelry Sets page.Return to the DIY Wedding Jewelry section. Bling Bling jewelry are attractive and charming; and the shining rhinestone chandelier earrings have making fashion waves for a long time.
And the finished chandelier earrings are done! Carly also made some alternate-colored ones in the trendy asymmetrical earring style.

This entry was posted in Jewelry Making Tutorial and tagged bling chandelier earrings, chandelier earrings, chandelier earrings DIY, diy chandelier earrings, rhinestone chandelier earrings. You can use anything to make these with – beads, flat back gems, buttons, sequins, coins, paper, ribbons etc etc.
Posts are easily available from most craft shops, online jewellery supply stores and ebay too (there are some links to these sites in my links tab). Though fashion jewelry trends change quickly, the big jeweled chandelier earrings with high quality materials like rhinestone are timeless. Place the rhinestone beads and acrylic drop pendants on the table and decide the placements of the beads. Use an awl to pierce the vinyl for each separate rhinestone cluster that you want to connect, and at the middle of the bottommost rhinestone cluster, near the edge.

The posts will hold better when you match the size and weight of the object to the size of the post’s head.
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