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Like many other drugs, the effects of Valium withdrawal are difficult to go through without proper care. It is safest to quit Valium addiction at a rehab facility where the patient can be in the care of professionals who deal with addictions. With residential treatment, there is a place to stay and get away from the chaos and temptations that go along with coming off of an addiction.
Introduced in 1963, Valium became one of the most widely prescribed tranquilizers over the next 10 years.
In 1979, awareness was raised again through coverage of the Senate subcommittee hearings during which several well-regarded physicians testified on the dangers of Valium. A 1981 report stated a possible link between Valium use and the rapid growth of cancer cells which had a greater impact on the drug’s popularity with the general public than the subcommittee meetings. If you or a loved one is addicted to Valium, it is important to seek Valium addiction help.
An intervention is the first step toward the long-term goal of keeping someone accountable, supported and motivated in the process of recovery.
Addiction is a medical disorder deserving of treatment just like any other health condition. Start the admissions process for Valium treatment and speak confidentially with an admissions coordinator. They will be able to successfully step a user through the Valium detoxification process with lessened withdrawal effects. The individual is also able to stay around their support team, whether it includes family or friends.
While all of them worked on the limbic system, the part of the brain that regulates emotions, Valium was less bitter in taste, could be formulated in smaller doses, and provided relief without the expected side effect of drowsiness. However, at this same time, the media presented what they considered rampant abuse of Valium, stating that only about 10 percent of prescriptions for Valium written in 1974 came from mental health professionals and 60 percent to 70 percent of Valium prescriptions came from the family doctor, gynecologists and pediatricians.
Celebrity usage became apparent when an autopsy report found Valium in Elvis Presley’s system when he died in 1977. However, a research study completed in 2005 showed that over 60 million prescriptions for Valium were written by American doctors and that 1.8 million Americans abused tranquilizers.
This understanding combined with new health coverage laws have greatly improved the chances that those in need of addiction rehab will be able to afford it.

But how does Valium affect the brain and when does tolerance to Valium become Valium addiction?
When used for a prolonged amount of time, the body becomes used to the amount of drugs administered. Do not stop taking Valium all at once; the symptoms will greatly lessen if the intake is reduced gradually. Unlike residential, the person is also able to remain in school or at work but usually at a lesser momentum than before (See how to avoid Valium Relapse). Part of Valium’s appeal lay in the belief that it was non-addictive and, unlike other tranquilizers, was almost impossible to be taken in a lethal dose by a suicidal person. In this article, we’ll explore Valium tolerance, as well as its relationship to Valium dependence and addiction. When Valium has been used heavily for a long period of time, the symptoms of withdrawal are typically delayed. If you became addicted because Valium was prescribed to you, it is important to go to a specialized treatment or therapy to learn other ways to take care of your anxiety without becoming addicted to the prescribed medications. It may also help relieve certain kinds of muscle pain as well as certain symptoms that come with alcohol withdrawal. We invite your questions about tolerance and Valium at the end.Developing tolerance to ValiumTaking Valium in high doses or for extended periods of time can easily cause you to develop a tolerance to Valium. This is a dangerous thing to do because when a user does not take the medication, withdrawal symptoms will occur. After the detox process, there are two main paths that can be taken: residential or outpatient treatment. If you are interested in receiving information on prescription drug detox or rehab, please call our toll free number. Clinically, any kind of drug tolerance means that the drug does not therapeutically work as well as it used to and that you need to take consecutively higher doses to achieve initial effect.Can Valium be addictive?  Yes.
This is especially difficult with Valium because many patients need this medication for longer periods to treat anxiety.
Often, the symptoms of withdrawal are similar to the symptoms that Valium is prescribed to take care of. When taking Valium, the patient needs to do exactly as the doctor says to stay clear of addiction.

It is important to talk to your doctor before getting off of Valium to ensure that withdrawal symptoms do not occur. When you are physically dependent on Valium, lower doses or abrupt disruption in dosing results in withdrawal symptoms. 10 mg is on the high end of what a doctor will prescribe if you have been prescribed Valium.How to lower tolerance to ValiumLowering your Valium dosage is the only effective way to lower your tolerance to this drug. This may leave you without the desired therapeutic effects for some time as your tolerance slowly decreases. There might be other drugs which can help more effectively long-term, so speak to your doctor if you find your Valium tolerance has gotten too high for the normal therapeutic dose of the medication.Building up tolerance to Valium questionsDo you still have questions about Valium tolerance? Prescription Drug5Top 10 street names for Valium (diazepam) Prescription Drug13How is Valium prescribed? Prescription Drug226Valium half life: How long does Valium stay in your system Prescription Drug10What is Valium used for? I took Xanax XR (extended release once-daily Xanax) 1mg daily for more than a month once (prescribed) and oddly never had withdrawals when I stopped it. Disregard whatever a doctor tells you about tapering if they give you that drop by half for a week and then stop crap, they’ve never gotten off it themselves. They try to do it cold turkey (which is very dangerous with benzos) or half their tablet because it’s all you can do with a scored tablet.
Weigh the total weight of the tablet whole (it’s more than 10 mg btw, 10 mg is just the amount of the benzo, the tablet weighs more) and then break it up or crush it and weigh out the amount you wanna take. In fact, they are reverse tolerance, which means you have to take it 2-3 times to really start getting an effect and it gets better from there for a while and then remains stable.
The kavalactones (the active ingredients in kava) don’t remain active for long when taken from the root. There’s other good places out there to be sure, but these places are proven and reliable.
I’m on 5mg once a day and am finding it effective in helping me push my physiotherapy (as previously the muscle spasms were hindering my progress).

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