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These super adorable donuts are individually hand crafted, and come on Sterling Silver hook or stud earrings. Each Charm is made with huge amounts of love and care, so you can guarantee that the quality is tip top! Please let me know if you would prefer the earrings to be slightly different to this classic style, as they are made by hand, I can make many types of little changes!
Free step step tutorial miniature food , Making miniature food artwork polymer clay easy gratifying beginners. Enlarge Blue Agate Silver Earrings5mm blue agate bead, small Bali silver spacers Sterling silver ear wires.

Enlarge Malachite Red Coral EarringsMalachite red coral beads suspended from copper on Argentium silver ear wires. Enlarge kyanite Silver EarringsDreamy blue earrings, kyanite roundels and ovals, Bali beads, Sterling earwires. Some individuals cause copper to tarnish very quickly when worn against the skin, even more quickly in hot humid weather. The warm color of brass jewelry is very attractive and much less expensive than silver or gold filled. Please let us k now whether you would like Strawberry with Chocolate icing, Vanilla with hundreds and thousands, or Chocolate with sprinkles.

Please remember that all the jewellery is handmade, so the item you receive may be slightly different to the one pictured, but will be of the same design. Gold, gold filled, brass, Argentium silver or copper can accompany gemstones instead of sterling silver.

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