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While Famitsu were playing the game they noticed some lag issues when battling in 3 on 3 mode and claim that the mission variations tend to get repetitive as you progress in the game. 3 on 3 lag is because of the servers atm which you can’t blame for being so new, not the games fault, the repetitive missions? Fans of the Dragonball universe have been extremely excited for the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Xenoverse’s story is a re-imagination of the traditional and beloved Dragon Ball Z Sagas. This will be the base for going through each saga, correcting history and Mira and Towa distort time. It would be fair to say that Xenoverse is the best looking Dragon Ball Z game we’ve ever seen. You’ll find that as you go through the game and the missions get harder, you’ll need a much needed boost of life in the middle of a fight! There are also items that restore health for all of your team members in Parallel Quests (more on those later). That said, Dragon Ball Xenoverse has more than enough to keep you glued to it for hours and hours of play in the story mode alone. First off, the story mode according to Famitsu, is 15 hours long and grabbing all of the customization features the game has will take 100 hours.
The replay value has to overthrow the repetitiveness in scaling with not just how cool it is to customize people or fighting.
Famitsu is simply warning people that buy the game , what is to come of it when you buy it. The game was a 60$ rock paper scissor simulator with DBZ and character customization pasted on. This is a game that has been highly anticipated and it is finally here for fans to get their hands on.
Two evil time travellers, Mira and Towa, are going through time disrupting the course of history.
Eventually you also come across Demigra, a demon god stuck in the crack of time, who causes even more problems! The game just wouldn’t sound right if the Funimation voice actors weren’t brought in, so luckily for us they are and they sound just as awesome as ever! Add to that the Parallel Quests you must do as well as training under your favourite Z fighter, and you’ll be hooked for a while.

Bandai Namco have been having server issues due to the surprisingly popular demand of the game. The score feels like somthing is telling me the game will feel the same no matter what teacher or class you are, i’m also scared and confuse if thats a bad thing or a good thing. I don’t care about the score but their warnings of repetitive missions and laggy 3v3 on a DEDICATED SERVER OUTLET, are actually helpfull for me, cause games coming of this age are definitively not worth 60 bucks. Bandai Namco have done an excellent job of promoting the game and building excitement among people who are not necessarily familiar with Dragonball Z. Trunks makes a wish to the all mighty Shenron to bring forth a warrior capable of fighting by his side (or rather all of his battles for him!!).
I saw a game that looked spectacular, but was very unsure I could reproduce those moments of epicness. If they can solve the issues they have been having then they will have a masterpiece, with the ability for users to create teams and complete parallel quests with their friends. However, while environments are destructible, you’ll often find the floor to have a crater in it, only then to see the crater disappear and the floor return back to normal again. Sometimes you and your opponent can be punching thin air while upside down, but generally this will mainly happen when you are button bashing, which is something you cannot do if you want to do well in this game. The story is still familiar enough that new fans can experience the real thing while established fans can still experience something new too with the twist thrown in. Does the game deliver upon the hype it’s been based around or does it add itself to the list of recent Dragonball games that have just not been good enough.
You can choose between being a Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Majin (Buu) and Frieza race (yes that’s what it’s called!).
Plenty and plenty of hours will need to go into this game in order to finish the story and it can get extremely difficult! It would be amazing to see the destruction that remains not be resigned to houses and trees. This is an open fight, no tutorial or instructions, however it is a golden opportunity to play around and experiment. To use items it’s as simple as pressing the right directional button and then using square, triangle, circle or x to choose the specific item you want to use. For example, Guldo asks for your help in order to earn himself a place on the infamous Ginyu Squad! There will be plenty of points I didn’t touch upon, but play the game and experience it for yourself! You also have the option of the Japanese or English dub which is amazing for core fans.

A huge part of the game is going to be spent with this guy or girl (YES GIRL!) so be wise with their name! However, that is my only complaint when it comes to graphics as other than that, the game is spot on in that department.
They have had to get the sounds right for years in the show and Dimps will have known how important it is to match that. Don’t worry though, once you’re a little further in and start the story you’re given a full break down of how to fight. I’ve mainly used health items, but you can choose from items to charge your Ki, Stamina etc. I already regret mine even after the large portion of time spent trying to figure out a good Saiyan like name. All of those specific aspects are very small and more a case of me looking for things to pick at! Fighting with your favourite Z fighters can add hours of enjoyment and will be my main source of entertainment once the story ends. Clothes can be altered at any time in the game by purchasing or finding new items for you to make your character look badass!
Having said that, one thing I would love to see in a follow up game is the addition of an real open world. The depth of characters is impressive and whats even more impressive is the diverse amount of costumes each character has. You then spend time training your fighter to defeat these ememies, earning XP and levelling up.
You have several stats that you boost over time, Health, Stamina, Ki, Basic ATK, Special ATK, Ki ATK.
You can choose to go between Time Traveller missions fixing time, or go to shops to purchase items, clothes etc. You can use combinations of all four buttons to create dynamic and devastating attacks that can incapacitate opponents and cause real damage. The shoulder buttons are used too, R1 is used to target specific enemies, while L1 is used to guard.

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