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The boneheaded, hollow-eyed simpleton stares into the face of convention and confounds any curious onlooker. A brace of grim and sober cerebral cases, staring deeply into the oblivion of a long-past mortal existence.
The bloom that every adept sought to achieve, the alchemical mystery personified by this impossibly rare flower. These miniature black rose flower heads, are sold as a pair, with surgical steel ear posts. Effusing an ardent passion in the blood, sparkling red heart crystals burst forth from the blooming sprig of life. Passion exudes as the Swarovski crystals sparkle just beneath the surface of the clear, blood red enamel.
These clear red enamelled pewter heart stud earrings, are embedded with Swarovski crystals set just beneath the surface. Shocking at first sight, but then displaying the glittering beauty in all of God's creatures, including the common housefly. These two-tone pewter ear studs earrings, of a common fly, with black body and polished pewter wings set with Swarovski crystals. As could be found by digging the surface of any old graveyard, a discrete, yet disturbingly sinuous collection of human ossuary. The image of an English legend, recalling the annual return of the ferocious supernatural beast, in its continued attempts to destroy the abbey and church atop the famous cliffs of Whitby. The name of the night prayer service in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, and the time when bats are out to play! These miniture swallow stud earrings, are sold as a pair and have surgical steel ear posts.
An undeniably aggressive instrument of speed and passion, impaling the ear of the dedicated metalhead.
Representing the mystery of death and rebirth by the shedding of its skin, the cobra was also known as a a€?bisa€™ in its days as a knighta€™s heraldic device. A giant scorpion faux-stretch piercing, symbol of the eponymous, ancient Egyptian goddess - protector against scorpion stings.
Named from the Latin word for a€?impaleda€™; you are pierced by the enduring symbol of sacrifice.
This faux black-enamelled cross, gives the illusion of peircing the earlobe; with safety chain that loops around the back of the ear, and a surgical steel ear post.
Fresh from another expedient assassination, the 16th Cesare Borgia's Florentine solution to all political problems. When worn, the sword cleverly gives the illusion of the blade piercing through the whole ear lobe. The perfect miniature, 13-hour Lunar time fob watch and its accoutrements from the Victorian era, ingeniously cuffed and pinned around the fortunate dandyA’s ear. From out of the clouds and smoke of the 1916 Somme trenches, a posthumous Iron Cross for a godless combatant. This cuff stud is embossed with a€?RIPa€? for the upper ear, then chained to a black enamelled cross stud. Traces of human existence cling desperately to life, with the bones of mortality attaching themselves to anything still warm!
Trappings in the spirit of the antihero, Elric, signalling a tendency towards the dark and anarchic. A pewter "Chaos" embossed cuff for the upper ear, chained to a hematite cabochon on a chaos arrows stud, with surgical steel ear-post. Control and cover your grief with this crystal-rich afterlife fetter, studded with Swarovski.
A Swarovski crystal-covered pewter cuff for the upper ear, chained to a dusk-blue crystal stud with surgical steel ear-post.
A colony of nocturnal bats arise against the stars, to silently invade the tranquility of the night. The finesse and gracefulness of this finely honed and appointed instrument bely its deadly potential, alluded to by the trickling blood drops of Swarovski crystal. This intricate, hinged, two-tone pewter razor ear wrap, is embellished with Swarovski crystals, including the red blade tip and dropper. Evocative of the second terrifying foe of Herculesa€™s Twelve labours, the guardian beneath the lake of the entrance to the Underworld. In a timeless scenario of bestial supremacy, the writhing dragon flaunts its crystal treasure with dramatically outstretched wings.
A highly animated pewter dragon faux-piecing wraps about the ear, clutching a suspended Swarovski crystal dropper. A horrendously creepy intrusion, being enveloped by overwhelmingly powerful and limber tentacles from the deep. One not to kick - a slightly alternative attitude, industrial style punk-spiked bar that wraps around the ear with restraining padlocked chains. It is only a matter of time; the Grim Reaper's soul-taker, and the symbol of the end of mortal life. Dark, emotive echoes resonate - 'The unattainable black rose bleeds for what cannot be'; unique black pewter finish, studded with Swarovski clear & 'blood drop' crystals.
This faux-stretch style black pewter rose ear-wrap, is studded with clear crystals, and a red crystal dropper. Like a whispering shoulder devil or a witch's familiar, this personal, miniature dragon, piercing through the ear lobe, tempts the wearer into acts of shameful depravity.
The elaborate baroque, twisting and scrolling floral ear-covering is supported by a chain to a separate section hooked on at the top of the ear.
This beautifully ornate wrap style earring, is sold as a single and has a surgical steel ear post.
The eye of God, shedding tears of grief for humanity as he regards the world from the highest firmament. Ignominiously dancing to the tune of eternal freedom, this devil's fool flaunts the sobriety of mortal life - animated skeleton ear stud. Charmed with ancient magic and beguiling mysticism, a serpent with sacred healing powers, off-set with a red abalone snake-eye and dropper. These pewter, gothic mirror frames with etched acrylic a€?glassa€™ and Swarovski crystal droppers, are a must for a glass-shattering evening out. Seductively fluttering around the mother of pearl moon and crystal stars, these bats entice like-minded creatures of the night. From his, seminal and lamenting 1814 poem, Lord Byron's forlorn words for an unknown lover.
A deceptively pretty and delicate bijoux, the three skulls of ancient wisdom sit sagely upon each ivy-adorned ear hoop. These pewter hoop style earrings, have black enamelled ivy trails, on surgical steel ear-wires. Flaunting the regal finesse of a doomed age, miniature guillotine blades, bear the last traces of aristocratic life. The ornate stud has a surgical steel ear post, leading to an articulated fatel blade, drippling a Swarovski crystal.
A black rose and a dark crystal tear of fated love, forever testify to the consequences of la€™amour interdit. These earrings have black pewter rose studs, with black pewter and Swarovski crystal droppers. These Swarovski-crystallised, pewter gothic stud earrings, have black cabochon droppers and surgical steel ear-posts.
Dramatically elegant regal beasts, fly alongside their owner and attracting enviable attention. Regency decadence and the epitome of wickedness; a Swarovski crystal-heavy pair of Baroque earrings in sparkling green and black. Symbolising one of life's greatest tragedies, dripping with bloody crystals and so betraying the emotional grief inside.
A pair of purple enamelled pewter heart droppers concealing a hidden skull hang from a matching teardrop stud, with surgical steel ear-posts.
In truly opulent style, these gems emulate the rare, massive blue diamond heart, which legend says once belonged to the empress consort of Napoleon III (1852-1870), before it was 'discovered' by Cartier, in 1908.
The most common method of execution from Medieval times, and a squalid and degrading end to the life of a mere mortal. Delicate, pearl-dripped visions of sylvan idyll, bely their token message of bitterness and misandry.
The red Swarovski crystals are set into foliate pewter mounts; with surgical steel ear posts. Sacred to Asklepios, the Greek god of healing, the serpent has remained a symbol of medical faculty.
The scythe wraps around the ear and the blade hooks over the top, with a stud securing it from the skull at the lobe.

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