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Ordinary meaningDiamond is generally said to be a gem that is one of the most precious ones in the world.
Dreaming of a diamond indicates not only richness but also the internal mind of an individual. From a long time, diamond has been representing love and dreaming of diamonds indicates that an individual is in love.
Dreaming of having the diamond being handed over to you by the one you love is a positive sign.

It states that your love will remain strengthened and the bonding between you two will be reciprocal.Losing a diamond indicates problems in love and business lives. This is more like a warning.Dreaming of being kidnapped for diamonds or seeing yourself in a diamond trade is a scary dream.
Generally, such a dream means you are scared of changes.Dreaming of noticing a fake diamond is also seen many times. This portrays that something happening in your life is not real.Dreaming of giving a diamond to pay for something is a bad luck.

If you do not know who the person in your dream is, then you may drastically fail in achieving love in your waking life.

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