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At first I thought that the wheels may have been rubbing the coils as the fronts were pretty slammed, however I didnt find any signs of wear on either the wheel or the coils. I should mention that I am definitely due for an alignment though (needing to steer slightly to the left to stay straight), but I'm waiting for the coils to settle in first. I've also been reading around and have come to a mixed bag of reviews on the 452's road noise. Should there be visible rub marks inside the rear wheels if it is indeed rubbing the rear side of the frame rail? I actually just threw on my stock wheels on the front (left my rears on) to eliminate some factors. Even if the 452's were a bit noisy, it wouldn't explain why you're hearing 'humming' only during turns.
Just look how easily and readily words like Zionism, the matrix, the Illuminati, social engineering, transhumanism, freemasonry, psychopathy, cognitive dissonance, geoengineering, false flags and big brother surveillance are being used now.
Mass surveillance has now become “bulk data collection” while torture is conveniently labelled “extraordinary renditions” and “enhanced interrogation programs.” All arrogantly perpetrated as if no one even notices. After all, to them, truth isn’t the issue, it’s control and getting their program across as seamlessly as possible. Naturally, Ennio Morricone’s iconic soundtracks – particularly those of the Man With No Name Trilogy (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and the legendary The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) – provide the template to which other Western soundtracks since adhere. In the end, the music behind Rockstar’s latest smash hit, Red Dead Redemption (composed by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson), should scratch that Western itch. The first track, “Born Unto Trouble,” is a slow, whistle-led tune one would expect to hear during an establishing shot of a small town, or – in this case – to describe the main character. This was never the case with my stock suspension and wheels (it started the day I installed the front coils and wheels on the first test run). I rose the coils up by about an inch and a bit anyways and now there is definitely enough clearance (as seen below). I actually felt all around the wheel (in straight, turned left and turned right positions) and there is plenty of clearance all around. Also, is this sound you're hearing a rubbing sound, as in your tire or rim is coming into contact with something resulting in a scraping sound. Both what’s being used more frequently in general as well as substantial new additions, and deletions, to the lexicon. While our language is rooted in truth, theirs is a constant smokescreen of disinformation designed to deceive, decoy and disempower.
We’re all too familiar with misleading names like the “Patriot Act” or the always ready handles of “classified” and “national security” and the like, but lately they’ve taken to covering their tracks even more, no doubt due to the awakening taking place, even in simple language recognition they’re no doubt following with all of their invasive computer algorithms.

But these shifts in contrived perception work on the unwary, which is why the official narrative is laden with such misleading and obfuscating terms and labels couched in complete blather like any one of wet cardboard cut-out Obama’s statements or speeches.
It always falls flat and only appeals to very dry and distant programmed self justification mechanisms based in fear. If you think about it, an action film, drama, or comedy can take place anywhere and in almost any time period.
The soundtrack to Red Dead Redemption wisely does not deviate very far from the tried and true methods of the great Morricone: whistle, strings, harmonica, acoustic and electric guitar, and simple percussion. The trumpets and harmonica take the lead alongside the tambourine for this rhythmic piece that paints the setting well. The composer must be mindful that the player will be spending many hours in many of the same areas.
There is enough to keep one entertained and it is definitely a competent score – particularly when experienced in the context of this spectacular game. It goes without saying that those that have played the game will already be familiar with the various sound scape’s that hit you during game play.
There are only a few spots with finger width (approx 10mm) clearance from the fender liner, so if anything it may just be rubbing the liners a little bit. But, when dealing with the genre of Westerns, it must – by definition – be set in the Western United States.
All of these make up the aesthetic that evokes images of tumbleweed, high noon, and six-shooters. The infamous church bell, building snare drum, and a fine melody carried by guitar at first, then to the whistle and voices puts us in the saddle firmly. The harmonica continues in “El Club de los Cuerpos” but gives way to the distorted guitar with another recapitulation of a previous theme. In this situation, to have a strong theme-based soundtrack constantly droning on and on can grow quite tiresome.
But, a new entry into a genre with such an incredible pedigree and library of greatness from which to choose must come to the dance with some impressive moves.
I know you said your tire has even tread wear but your tires may be 'cupping' since you're due for an alignment.
The controllers keep shifting their language and euphemisms to blanket their intentions, while the awakening community grabs hold of and proliferates empowering and revealing words and concepts that grow in usage at an astounding and truly inspiring rate. It’s truly an informational war going on in so many ways, but thankfully one that the truth is always destined to win. Keep us in our self circumscribed socially engineered limits in a dazed state of some far off distant “belief” guaranteed by some voice from somewhere leading people on with some promised carrot to chase after.

It embraces your soul, encourages your convictions, and leads you to new understandings that positively affect your life. Though some of the best Westerns ever created have been filmed elsewhere and by non-American filmmakers, they are always about one place and one era.
The electric guitar wails and the percussion rumbles as the main theme is wonderfully recapitulated.
This track reminded me of “The Chase” from Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars but much more modern in sound. Kai Rosenkranz, composer of Gothic III, said quite plainly at the press event for Risen that though it is one of his favorite scores, he made a mistake in Gothic III by writing such a theme-based soundtrack for an RPG.
Red Dead Redemption, though an honest and more-than-decent outing, is just a little too slow on the draw.
Whilst feeling somewhat spontaneous in how this sequence of choreography presents it self you can’t help but gasp at the sheer artistic value of what you are being submerged into. Because no other genre has such a constant instilled in it, I find the Western – whether it be film, music, or game (or combination) – to be the most fascinating. Borrowing liberally from the great spaghetti Westerns in style, this is a very respectable theme.
As a result of this, many composers go the other way causing many open-world soundtracks to not survive quite so well out of their contexts as they serve a somewhat ambient purpose. Staying with the rest of the sound track, which at times sways from the traditional ambient sounds of what would be expected from a classic western film to the more experimental dissonance that are very creative and pleasantly surprising.
This is kind of extreme but you can feel your tire to see if it has uneven (not camber) wear. Another clincher to this outstanding sound track is the use of modern production techniques that would often be associated with styles of music such as dub, trip hop and percussive ambient recordings which are all mixed tastefully with the right amount of reverb, delay and probably some homemade effects that support and tastefully complete the already intriguing compositions on this record. Red Dead Redemption does not have that one or two (or more) killer tracks the others do – nor does it get quite close enough to the greats of the genre in Morricone and Bernstein – but I really wish it did. I consider my taste of music to be very eclectic and this sound track has not only made it to my number 1 this year (2010) but is probably the most interesting listening i have done in a long time.

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