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Briggitta Hardin was hired in 2010 and claimed in a lawsuit that she was fired on her first day of work because she’s black. Hardin, a Howard University student at the time, claims she met with Dadlani when she arrived for her first shift as a bartender, but Dadlani refused to talk to her or even shake her hand. It was also revealed that Dadlani once closed the bar instead of serving a group of African-Americans who’d gathered to watch an NBA game.
A federal jury awarded Hardin $175,000 in compensatory damages and $512,000 in punitive damages.

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Natural semi precious stone ear plug gaugeNatural semi precious stone ear plug gauge A.It's available for various sizes and shapes by this stone. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled in favor of Hardin and against Redline owner Mick Dadlani.
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