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These two days,my good friend who like jewelry buys a lot of fashion jewelry on the internet. Avete presente quegli orecchini che coprono tutto l’orecchio e per cui, in realta, non e necessario avere il buco? Questa voce e stata pubblicata in Fashion e contrassegnata con Ear Cuff, Orecchini 2013, Orecchini che Coprono Tutto l'Orecchio, Trend Primavera Estate 2013.
Purtroppo non ti possiamo aiutare perche noi siamo di Milano, pero ti possiamo consigliare di cercarli online.
Qualora fossero coperte da diritto d'autore, segnalatecelo pure e sara nostra cura rimuoverle immediatamente.
Make a dramatic statement with this tiny accessory that  exude a certain mystical elf fairy tale feeling. These bold ones are what K-Pop star, BoA, wore on the TV show. Chains or tassel designs appear more dramatic and vivid than the bold ones, especially with tassels moving around for a powerful statement.
Minimal ear cuffs can be worn along the earlobe or the outer rim, known as helix, along with earrings. Ear cuff with elegant but a bit of gothic touch in black tone is shaping up the chicness and strong attitude. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0You can leave a response, or trackback. TK is such a fashionable young man who knows more girl’s fashion than girls in general Try one of those ear cuffs for better look. The ear cuff craze had many of you requesting a DIY so here it is: a single statement earring that is surprisingly easy to make. Add more glue along the curved piece and add the longer rhinestones, one piece at time and in an alternating pattern.

Use the toothpick to add glue along the sides of the rhinestones each time for extra hold. Dry overnight. Chain link bracelets, with colorful threads woven through them, have been popping up here and there.
Love how it is big enough to be a cuff but not over bearing where it is covering your whole ear. This DIY is amazing, it would be perfect for a bride on her big day or even at the rehearsal dinner! I like your use of the curved tube, Great idea to hammer it out and use it as the foundation of the piece. Wow, these are so similar to a pair of multicolored (mostly red) clip-on earrings I used to have that were my grandmother’s (for super-dress-up for her, I imagine). This antique bronze comet ear climber is pictured here on the left ear, but can be inverted and worn on the right ear as well. In okajewelry, some of the ear cuff earrings can be sold 400-500 pieces per month,the most hot and popular one are more than 900 pieces.Since the price is cheap, a lot of people usually buy several colors together, or buy a color pairs so that they can be matched with different clothes. Because in a series of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, etc,the price of the earrings is relatively cheap among the same quality of a single product. Sicuramente li avrete visti online e sulle passerelle perche ormai stanno davvero spopolando! Il risultato e pazzesco e davvero molto scenografico… guardando chi li indossa a noi vengono in mente degli elfi, no? They may choose designed in simple ones to pair them with small earrings beyond dramatic styles.
Although he started out in science, his passion for fashion led him to study women’s fashion design at London College of Fashion.
I think it’s important not to skimp on the quality of materials for this tutorial – E6000 and Swarovski crystals are a must for that strong hold and sophisticated sparkle!

Just a question though, the rhinestones in the pictures are in settings to make them flat backed, but the rhinestones in the link are not.
But it would also be cute to make another for the other ear as a matching pair of earrings! I have to say I was a bit confused because i thought an earcuff wraps around the outside of the ear and doesn’t go through a piercing. They range from minimal to dramatic in design and really allow you to challenge yourself with various styles. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes before applying more glue and attaching the shorter rhinestones to the post. Starting near the top of the ear, slide the ear cuff down along the edge of the ear's cartilage. Because when people are face to face, the first hit is always the face and earrings occupy perfect location.
TK also worked as a stylist for a few Korean film productions such as ‘Marry the Mafia 4‘ and ‘Chubby Revolution‘. You may gently open or close the opening of the ear cuff to accommodate the thickness of your ear.
This kind of earrings are perfect for pierced or non-pierced ears and is designed for single ear and wearing an earring can be able to play multiple roles such as hair accessories and headwear.It is reasonable for ear cuffs to become hot and popular since it is exaggerated and not so expensive. All Marty Magic Jewelry is packaged in a beautiful purple box, embossed with the gold foil Marty Magic dragon logo.

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