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MelAus PartnersEAR GAUGE SIZES CHARTUsed as a reference source when one goes up ear size chart. In other words, if you plan on stretching your ear gauge sizes, plan ahead with the right ear gauges in the right ear gauges sizes. Print this ear piercing gauge sizes chart off if you plan on slowly stretching your gauge sizes. We have answered with this ear piercing gauge sizes chart that illustrates all ear gauge sizes.

For example, let’s say you want to get to a 00 gauge and you are currently at a 14 gauge earring. It visually shows you the progression of sizes for ear gauges so you can better understand your own ear gauge sizing in relation to all ear gauge sizes. Follow your progress of ear ear stretching with a list of ear gauge sizes and don’t forget to put together an ear stretching kit by using the sizes for ear gauges shown on the ear gauge sizing chart. Not only does it present to you an easy to understand infographic of ear gauge sizes, it gives you the ear gauge sizes in order from 14 gauge to 00 gauge.

All ear gauge sizes in between need to be purchased before you start your ear stretching adventure.
Alternatively, you could just buy one ear gauge size at a time as you slowly make your way into the ear stretching world.

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