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These ear tunnels are made out of silicone and have a metallic looking finish to them. These plugs are sold individually. A whole subculture of young people who've chosen to "gauge" their ears, as it's called, are posing a challenge to plastic surgeons.
When people tell you to stick it in your ear, no one quite envisioned what a young subculture is putting in their ear lobes. Chris Bradford has a whole set of things you can put into an ear lobe once the hole becomes large enough to hold them.

But a choice later --not to wear gauges anymore-- is more complicated, especially if you've got up to two and three inch holes in your ears.
Now, at age 22, Bradford is working at a Jimmy Johns Sandwich Shop and had a very pro-active employer confront him about the gauges. Jimmy John wanted Bradford to agree to give up the gauges and have his ears restored back to normal again.
Clayton charged $2,600 to repair Chris' ears because he had to experiment until he found the best technique.

The single flared design helps keep it easy for insertion and also the o-ring helps hold the tunnel into place.

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