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Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members. I ended up telling almost all of the people who approached me that they were fake and that they screwed on but some seemed unconvinced.
Well, there really isn’t one, I just though these earrings were cool, and I can wear normal earrings too if I wish because my ear hole isn’t gauged. Is it right for people to fake the appearance of actual gauged ears or is it the smart choice?

In order for this to work, the smaller side is forced into the ear hole and pushed until the ear hole has reached the maximum gauge.
Tapers(the real ones) are earrings shaped almost like spikes that are used to increase the size of your ear hole. The earring set also came with a pair of fake plugs which, if they were real, would hold open the stretched ear hole without gauging it any more. Some people thought they looked cool, others, were wondering why I would have done something like that to my ear in the first place.

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