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Facial disfigurement from injury can occur in a fraction of a second and cause life-long emotional, as well as physical, scarring. Aesthetic facial restoration entails removal of unsightly contracting scars and rebalancing of facial features by innovative methods of tissue re-arrangement. Keloid Patient 1: This patient has a keloid of the ear from prior ear piercings through the ear cartilage. Secondary restorative surgery as well as scar removal and revision is initiated several weeks to months after injury.
Dog bites account for 800,000 emergency room visits per year.Dog bites are different from other lacerations in that the incidence of infection is 15 times greater than that of routine lacerations because the organisms are more virulent and contain a mixed comtamination of bacteria.
Anyone with a dog bite more than a scratch should seek medical treatment immediately, especially if the health status of the dog is unknown.
Deep penetrating injuries and tearing lacerations of the face, lips of ears should be treated by a facial plastic surgeon. Doctor Andrew Jacono is pleased to introduce J PAK SYSTEMS™ - two homeopathic remedies for use before and after aesthetic injectable and surgical procedures to help minimize swelling and building. By Otoplasty Revision Published Author, USC LA Beverly Hills Trained, Award Winning Founder of a New Theory on Beauty, & Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr.
Microtia repair is the plastic surgery of a congenital deformity where some part or the entire ear is missing. The correction and reconstruction of gauged ear lobes often require flaps of earlobe tissue that are rearranged to reconstruct the earlobes. Prominent ears require treatment of the base or concha of the ears and also the reshaping of the anti-helix of the superior part of the ear. Otoplasty Revision and correction of previous otoplasties are often even more difficult and require the knowledge of all aspects of otoplasty to allow the surgeon to adjust to varying presentations of less than perfect ears from previous surgeries.
If you are interested in scheduling an appointment you can email, call  425-990-3223 (Office) and even text message 425-505-0938 (Mobile) us at anytime. Defiantly someone I trust to work on my in the future, as well as work on my friends and family.
Check his credentials on the Washington State Department of Health and see that he is "PENDING" an enforcement action due to many complaints and serious damages.
I consulted this surgeon for a very simple case Otoplasty that I thought my case was very basic that any surgeon could do it. Two weeks later, I developed an infection in the areas where he stitched my ear to my head. Now, I am desperately looking for surgeons who can fix these damages, but the options I have are very limited, and all the surgeries that I can possibly do are much much more complicated than the original surgery, and will not give me what I have lost. We are currently working with the Washington State Department of Health to improve our practice. We’re enthusiastic about our work and feel rewarded daily with the results that we have achieved for so many people.
I'm 25 years old and I had deep and dark hallows under my eyes that made me look tired all the time. At Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery our Mission is to provide unwavering quality care to improve people's lives through Facial Plastic Surgery and the YoungVitalizer. I have done a lot of research and have spent a lot of time deciding what type of procedures I wanted to have done before I chose Dr. Procedure details: This young woman presented with a history of a progressively enlarging ear keloid from an ear piercing.
Andrew Jacono is a Dual Board Certified, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon located in Manhattan and Long Island. While early cleansing and meticulous closure in the emergency room is important, permanent scarring may be unsightly and cause distortion of facial features. If bony architecture of the face has been destroyed, a three-dimensional computer imaging of the defect is created.
Facial distortions are evaluated by video computer imaging at the initial consultation, and a surgical protocol is outlined to restore delicate facial balance and symmetry. Penetrating injuries by the dog's teeth can inject the deeper tissue and lead to late infection, presenting as redness, fever, and swelling. Initial treatment should include thorough cleansing, antibiotics, tetanus prophylaxis, and reporting the dog bite to the Health Department to ascertain whether the dog is up to date on rabies and other vaccinations. Repair of the dog bite requires surgically cutting away the contaminated tissue and thorough irrigation with saline or antibiotic solution. Philip Young & State University of NY Trained & American College of Surgeons Resident Exemplary Teaching Awarded Plastic Surgeon Dr. Philip Young is a published author and very experienced Otoplasty and Otoplasty Revision expert (Click here for his 2013 Otoplasty Revision chapter in Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty). The two main approaches are the use of one’s own cartilage or the use of implants, most commonly medpor. Other techniques can be incorporated to bring the earlobes and superior base of the ear closer to the head. Reconstructive techniques that are used in other areas of plastic surgery are often called upon in these cases. Young was the first plastic surgeon to operate on me and the only plastic surgeon to feel an in person consultation was the best route to go. Philip Young is the most horrible, unprofessional, poorly skilled surgeon I have ever known, and he is the biggest liar I have ever met. Philip Young did not seem to realize this fact even though I followed up with him many times after the procedure.

We understand that patients come to our practice with a specific goal in mind; it’s our objective to meet or surpass those goals, and we manage to do so in an overwhelming majority of cases. We are excited to learn from the Department about how we can ameliorate our processes, and we look forward to doing this more in the future. Prior to operation, all of our patients are educated on the plans and process of the intended procedure, and sign their consent before any anesthetics are administered.
Please feel free to contact our office at your earliest convenience, we would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns directly. So while everyone told me that I was too young to get anything done and that it's not safe to do fat transfer, I believed in Dr.
I had some deep scars from acne but now after a scar surgery, my over all skin texture is more smooth.
Parikh was the fourth and final doctor I consulted for the replacement of my 30 year old saline implants.
This was my first surgery ever and they are the nicest, most professional people I have ever met:) they take time to answer and questions or concerns you might have and make you feel comfortable and are there for you if you need them!
Harris for an in-office consultation, we can setup a phone consultation or internet consultation via Skype. Harris answers real questions about Rhinoplasty , Botox, Eyelid surgery and many more topics on RealSelf.
At the time of your initial consultation, an assessment is made of the thickness, texture and color of the deforming scars and the best option for scar removal. Using this image, Doctor Jacono utilizes the patient's own body tissues (bone, cartilage and skin) to recreate facial shape and symmetry. Sophisticated techniques of meticulous tissue re-arrangement, scar revision and skin grafting are utilized to restore facial features to a more anatomical appearance. Oftentimes these little things can affect the way we feel about ourselves, especially our confidence. Learn about his beauty theory and the Top Ten Reasons to Choose Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery and Dr. It can range from the total reconstruction of a child’s ear when there is no ear present to the minor correction of a torn ear lobe from an ear ring mishap. This technique is often employed at a very early age (as early as 5-6 years of age when the ears reach near adult size and shape) for those that have access to this type of skilled surgeon. If you live out of town, we can schedule a phone consultation with you and show you how to take the five basic photos you will need.
Young of all of your prescriptions, over-the-counter remedies and herbal supplements, oral or topical products, and if you may be pregnant. I had an asian eye blepharoplasty for around 5000 dollars and a chin reduction also for around 5000 dollars. Other just asked for pictures and wrote up a bid, as if they were bidding on a home remodel. He monitored my health via photos, text and consulted with my PCP in addition to the normal follow-up appoints. Doing my ear surgery (Otoplasty) with him was the biggest mistake of my life, and the stupidest decision I have ever taken. Even though he kept telling me that he was very experienced with it, wrote a book about it, and had no doubts that he was going to do an "Excellent job", and Even though I told him many times during the consultation, pre-op, and the operation day that my case only needed a stitch technique, and that I didn’t want any skin or cartilage removed under any circumstances, he still did it anyway, and ended up removing a lot of cartilage and skin causing a severe setback in my ear. He actually barely looked at my ear during these follow ups and kept telling me that it was normal and needed more time to heal. I don't go out as often now, my social life is completely ruined, and I don't leave my house without a hat on. Also check his credentials on the Washington State Department of Health and see that he is "PENDING" an enforcement action and has many very scary complaints. Young and his talent after I saw him and all his patient's beautiful before and after photos .
From the first moment I met with him I realized that I was in the care of a professional who took great pride in his work and took into account all aspects of my personal well-being in assisting me to reach my personal goals. From start to finish he showed that he care, not only about how I wanted to look, but in helping understand what needed to happen to get there.
I was a trauma patient taken to the OR and they wouldn't let me see my forehead, because the cut was so bad. After surgery, you will be taught camouflage techniques by a skilled make-up artist to hide incisional sites and blend in blemishes. While persistent scars cannot be avoided, sophisticated laser technology can flatten and camouflage their unsightly appearance. Forty percent of all dog bites include tearing away of flesh, which, for the plastic surgeon, entails, not only making the scar less conspicuous, but also replacing lost tissue.
Philip Young performs ear plastic surgery in Seattle to reshape large, deformed or protruding ears (Sometimes referred to, unfortunately, as Dumbo Ears), providing immediate and often dramatic aesthetic results. Dr. Any procedures that are done to reshape or reconstruct the ear can be referred to as an otoplasty. Most of the times for major microtia repair, rib cartilage is preferred over other cartilage sources. There are more complicated ways to fix the earlobes but these options are ultimately less than optimal.
Thorough knowledge of the different techniques in this situation allows for incorporation of longer lasting option and adjustments. Dr Young and his staff were very respectful of me as a trans woman which I greatly appreciate.

He kept in touch with me after surgery making sure that everything was fine and his staff is very kind. I wish I could pay all the money I have to fix what he did to me, but unfortunately, he damaged my ear to a point where my options now are very limited. As that was not enough, he literally stitched parts of my ear to my head in a way that no one can possibly imagine. Luckily, I was so worried about it that I consulted an ENT specialist who could not believe his eyes seeing how my ear is stitched to my head, and noticed the infection right away and told me that I needed another surgery as soon as possible to treat the infection and its cause (I have documents proving that).
My advice to all of you is that DON'T even think it to do anything with him even if he was the last surgeon on Earth, and RUN AWAY as fast as you can if you come close to his office. While some hyperbolic claims are expected from time to time, accusations of non-consented surgery carry the implication of violation of a federal law, and should be treated with due respect. I could not work, I could not leave my home as the blood needed to be drained every 3 hours. He addressed all of my concerns from the initial consultation, to the day of my surgery, and throughout the duration of my post-operative recovery. Both he and the staff showed compassion during the 4hr operation (I was not sedated), constantly checking in to make sure I was comfortable and not in pain.
A custom blended foundation is formulated by our aesthetician to match your skin tone and further hide residual scarring. In extreme cases, where trauma has penetrated the facial muscles or severed the facial nerve, microsurgical techniques of nerve or muscle grafting can lead to restored facial expression. Young and his Team have people come from all over the world including Syria, Dubai, China, Korea, Japan, Australia, England, Canada, the Netherlands and Singapore. As for the quality of his work I am very satisfied with my results and have an enhanced sense of self confidence after getting the work done. Otherwise, the infection would have increased and ended up destroying what is left of my ear.
We strive to foster a sincere and professional environment, and take all patient concerns very seriously. After 8 months of trying to find the cause of the infection, I pushed the jaw bone through my own flesh and the infection stopped. Particularly in a fast moving industry, every patient is not another number but an individual. If I needed to talk to him, he would bend over backwards to talk to me and answer all the questions and concerns I had.
Parikh was on call at the hospital on the night of the accident and I was lucky enough to have been paired with him. With Otoplasty, you can change your ears, feel more confident, and have Beauty work for you. Microtia is often also employed for adults that were not able to fix their ears at an early age. If you are considering any type of facial procedure or surgery, you cannot go wrong with Dr. Based on the success of so many of our patients, we’re confident in our work, and typically manage to meet or surpass our patients’ expectations. This attention to the customer is an integral part of making the right decision, particularly a decision that you will have for your entire life. He provided me with all pertinent information regarding my procedure and openly discussed all associated risk factors ensuring that I was making an educated decision to proceed while maintaining realistic expectations throughout the entire time I was under his care. Wondering whether it would be worth the heavy arms that my mother so generously passed on to me verses having the scars.
If we believe that a patient’s health is at risk or the results of a procedure can be improved upon, we are always prompt and happy to assist in taking the necessary action.
I have been under the knife several times with some very well known plastic surgeons and I would recommend Dr.
Philip Young who has published a chapter on Revision Otoplasty and is the developer of a New Theory on Beauty knows just how powerful Beauty can be. Young will not force his decision on you but he will listen to the look your are trying to achieve and ultimately find the best way to manifest that look. Parikh’s attention to detail is second to none and his personal commitment to his patients is undoubtedly equal to his professional competency as a health care professional. Because life is so complex, we use simple information that are readily available to us to make complex decisions. I am thrilled with the results of my procedure and have a newfound boost of confidence that I thought was unachievable.
This was a poor diagnosis as I have been to 3 other doctors who call his work very unprofessional.
Parikh and his wonderful staff are very attentive and will take their time and answer all your questions and address any concerns. Studies show that the beautiful are perceived to be more competent, likable, trustworthy and are treated better by others.
Well researchers believe that some of these more complex attributes take too long to figure out, so people use Beauty to help them make those decisions.

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