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How long has it been since you requested a kiss or responded to an inclination – with a peck, or a pinch of passion?
Most of us recall the Sex and the City episodes that laud the power of the first kiss – not to mention plenty of chatter that those who are bad kissers make bad lovers. I recall classic kissing scenes between Carrie and Aidan – their awkward first kiss after a delicious date, sexy scenes in her doorway as they kiss at great length, tender kisses when they part at various points in time. Fans of the French kiss with its exploratory enthusiasm may reserve that romantic road for the most torrid of tangle-ups. Of course, there’s also kissing the nose and toes when it comes to our little ones, cheeks and foreheads and top of the head as they grow. No, I’m not a believer in giving yourself away, but I am convinced that life is richer with affection an integral part of our play.
Troy Lynch on Over 50, Unemployed, Depressed and Powerlesskay boran on Over 50, Unemployed, Depressed and Powerlesskay boran on Over 50, Unemployed, Depressed and PowerlessSlofty on Psychological Manipulation: WithholdingRobert on Dating an Introvert? Is your kissing reserved for love in its many variations, or purely when desire for fire comes knocking at your door?

Is it possible – or another one of those manly-womanly arts that depends on whether or not you’re feeling inspired, admired, or overly tired? The Butterfly Kiss, with your lashes lightly brushing your loved one’s lids or cheeks?
And if not the touch of a hand or even the brush of a friendly kiss, then at least a smile to brighten the day. But that leaves many other regions to cheerfully explore when it comes to the one I adore, and likewise, feeling adored if I whisper: Kiss me.
I enjoyed the author’s covering of this most sensual and intimate of romantic expressions between two people.
All I remember is listening to Ross Perot talk and wondering how far this boy was really going to shove his tongue down my throat. Great Idea!Kaitlin J on When the Person You Love Is Emotionally UnavailableTHE VINTAGE CONTESSA on Sleep-Challenged?
Then there was her dalliance with the pierce-tongued 20-something, whom she kissed all night as though it were an Olympic sport!

Such sorrow when they reach adolescence and those kid kisses are rare indeed, and we’re so in need of the occasional show of familial affection!
There are many flavours with many nuances and I will remember the author’s caveat about this oral form of romance in its aural form. Do you save your kissing – even on the cheeks – for those you genuinely care for, or members of the family? Wolf on What Do You Know About What You’re Eating?Robert on What Do You Know About What You’re Eating?

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