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Funky ear piercing jewellery - the surgical steel earring goes in your lobe piercing, and you can clip the ear cuff anywhere along the rim of your ear. No Reviews for the Handcuffs & Gun Ear Cuff Lobe Piercing Chain - Only One Standard Ear Piercing Required yet! Fab illusion plug - makes it look as if you have stretched your ear when you only have a normal piercing.
The face of the plug measures 5mm, 6mm or 8mm and it even comes with O-rings to make it extra realistic.
The face of the plug measures 8mm and it even comes with O-rings to make it extra realistic.

Upper ear piercings are becoming increasingly popular but if problems develop they can be more serious because the outer ear, called the pinna, is made mainly out of cartilage. Gauging ears refers to increasing the size of an existing ear piercing, generally in the ear lobe, and the technique is also known as stretch piercing. Because, if we go back into the Bible regarding pierced ears, we'll see that it involved servitude and bondage.
Popular placings for piercings besides the ear lobe are at the top of the ear, or helix, and the tragus which is the triangular part that sticks out over the opening.
Normal ear piercings are made with a gun or a needle, the best and most regular being a professional needle piercing, generally at what is known as 16 gauge, or 16g, equivalent to a hole diameter of about 1.2 - 1.

In most of the western world, it's been OK for any guy to get his left ear pierced, without it meaning anything, for many, many years.

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