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When the hammering first started, a couple of years ago, I wondered whether it was ever going to stop. When I started having trouble with my ears in 2004, when the blocked feeling started but before the noises, I wore them to quite a few gigs.
In, I guess, 1990, Motorhead pumped out so much volume at Guildford Civic Hall that I felt my body going into panic. In my early 20s, I saw Warrior Soul headline the Astoria and spent the next five days (and that’s no exaggeration) wondering whether the muffled version of everyday life I was hearing was normal in the circumstances.
My current bout of discomfort was, I’m pretty sure, brought on by me watching a movie on DVD last Saturday.

SKU: 40BCP32Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is required to help protect employees and visitors from potential hazards. When I think back, I can remember some scarily loud shows – the kind of evenings where I genuinely feared for my hearing. More recently, when I saw Silver Sun at the Barfly I could actually feel my eardrums vibrating. I'm Darren, a writer who likes to muse about music, films and TV, plus conventions, toys, books, soundtracks and whatever else takes my fancy.
The blogs take a few forms, from quick reviews and opinions to lengthier pieces on subjects that capture my mood.

Ear protection is required in areas where machinery or continuous loud noise may permanently damage a worker's hearing.Caution headers are used to indicate a potentially hazardous situation which could result in minor or moderate injury. The last time that my ears started impersonating Keith Moon was when I was listening to my MP3 player on the way to work.

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