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Great prices and information on all earplugs also free delivery* - Women's earplugs, Sleeping earplugs, Custom fit earplugs plus many others.
The NatureCare sound generator recreates natures own soothing sounds including 7 pre-selectable digital recordings of Heartbeat, Waves, Running River, Birdsong, Summer Night, Rain as well as White Noise. A proven aid in relaxation techniques Naturecare's Sound Generator will help by creating a totally natural background sound which when played at a suitable level will mask unwanted noise and help with the debilitating effects of tinnitus resulting in a good nights sleep.
The unit's unique ball shape design makes it almost impossible to knock over, it has a 30 minute timer, volume control and can operate from 4 x AA batteries (included) or an optional AC power supply.

Shipping is Free Of Charge when you spend £30 *(excluding VAT & Post and Packing) or more, on-line (UK only). Audio surveillance equipment and audio amplifiers and hidden audio recording devices have been tools of the trade for police and private investigators for years.
We offer a wide variety of phone recorder and wireless audio surveillance systems than can be used not just by professionals, but also by the average consumer.
Our family of audio monitoring and recording equipment can be used to covertly record suspects by placing them in a hidden safe, or for more recreational purposes such as nature surveying or bird watching.

Keep track of all of your important conversations with our audio surveillance devices, which can be an essential part of any surveillance system for business and personal security.

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