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Por otro lado, la patologia puede ser silente hasta que se desarrolla un problema importante en las vias aereas. About UsOtolaryngology – the study of the ear, nose and throat conditions or ENT – is the oldest known medical specialty in America. Hearing loss in itself can be a common occurrence, affecting as many as one in ten Americans.
An ear, nose and throat doctor – or otolaryngologist – in El Paso can examine, diagnose and treat a patient suffering from hearing loss, ear infection, balance disorder, ear noise or constant ringing in the ear, sinuses, tonsils and even look at birth disorders related to the outer and inner ear. Here at El Paso ENT, our otolaryngologists and audiologists have years of experience in the field and are ready to diagnose and treat any ear, nose and throat problems an individual may be facing.
A sinuses doctor in El Paso can help you to explore different medical approaches to permanently stopping your sinus problems.
Don’t just continue to live with sinus problems- contact an experienced sinuses doctor to learn about the different treatments and solutions that you should consider to permanently solve your sinus issues. There are many new and innovative ways to treat sinus problems that are less invasive, less painful, and that have a less strenuous recovery period than some of the traditional methods of treatment.

Now is the time to take control of your life, stop the pain and discomfort and get the medical help you need from an experienced sinuses doctor in El Paso. This entry was posted in El Paso, Nose, Sinus and tagged problems with your sinuses, Sinuses doctor in El Paso, sinuses problems, sinuses symptoms, sinusitis, treating your sinuses. We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with specialized medical care in Otolarynology head and neck sugery.
El Paso ENT is helping to ensure access to quality care by accepting a broad range of health plans and products. To make an appointment at any of our three locations please call (915)779-5866 with your insurance information ready.
Due to the fact that many soldiers who are deployed come back with ear related disorders, El Paso is no exception. Common nose related issues include allergies, smell disorders, polyps and nasal obstructions. They can also correct the appearance of the nose through rhinoplastic surgery or – for aesthetic purposes – perform facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

At El Paso Ear, Nose & Throat, our licensed, trained and skilled medical professionals have focused their careers on helping people to deal with sinus problems.
There are procedures now that clear the sinuses using a similar process to an angioplasty necessary to clear clogged arteries that lead to the heart.
Common throat -related conditions include complications with the larynx (voice box), and swallowing.
These attacks can affect your comfort level and can make it impossible for you to have a good time or enjoy doing the things you love.
These different treatment options can be done on an outpatient basis and can be a quick and effective way to permanently fix your sinus issues.

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