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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The ENT Clinic Provides an Accessible and Aesthetic Facility Situated in South, Delhi, NCR For Evaluation of ENT Conditions and For Planning of Surgical Management and Book an appointment online with Top ENT specialist Dr. Professor Merserkinger - father of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery with Dr Stanley in Graz, Austria 1991.
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery a€“ a form of minimally invasive transnasal surgery to drain and re-inventilate the paranasal sinuses.
Dr Stanley developed a keen interest in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery including the treatment of skull lesions as in advanced endoscopic sinus surgery.
Several thousands of Endoscopic Sinus procedures have been performed to date and has been extended for anterior and central skull base lesions.
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is only offered after failure of maximal medical therapy for chronic sinusitis. A conservative approach is done on children in addition to an adenoidectomy when indicated.
Paediatric Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is a last resort for children suffering from Sinusitis after failure of medical therapy. If performed, a mini-FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) technique is performed to promote ventilation and drainage of the osteo-meteal complex. Final evaluation after failure of maximal medicinal treatment with CT Scans of the sinuses being examined. A mini FESS procedure with middle meatal antrostomies to drain and ventilate the maxillary sinuses is the minimum procedure required. An ethmoidal mucocele (collection of thick fluid in a sinus cavity) causing exophthalmos (bulging of the eyeball). Post operative CT Scan of the drained ethmoidal mucocele showing a well ventilated ethmoid cavity.

These are post-operative endoscopic views of the ethmoidal cavity and post operative CT Scan of a clear completely healed ethmoid cavity. But in this illustration, a frontal cell is obstructing the drainage and this can be widened by a balloon sinuplasty procedure. High frontal cells in the frontal sinuses are difficult to reach by traditional FESS techniques and balloon sinuplasty is the only minimally invasive technique available.
Tumors of the pituitary gland are routinely approached transnasally with an endoscopic technique as shown below.
The initial instruments were grasping forceps, where tissue is avulsed in a non-precise manner initially. This then advanced to Tru-Cut forceps where the amount of mucosa and tissue was precise, with minimal collateral trauma to the surrounding area. Tru-Cut forceps evolved with the use of a mechanical micro-debrider which cuts and sucks the diseased mucosa at the same time. The removal of mucosa and bone is less traumatic, precise with less bleeding and minimal collateral tissue damage. A real-time surgical navigation device is available attached to an EM tracking blade for image guidance. May be necessary in complex revision endoscopic sinus surgery especially with skull base lesions. Earwax is one of those annoying facts of life, and for many of us, Q-tips are a satisfying way to get the gunk out. I used to use a lot of cotton wool and cotton buds and was prescribed antibiotics because I was always getting infections.
Anup Sabherwal Has Over a Decade's Experience in Working For Various Hospitals in Delhi With Surgical Experience in all ENT Procedurers.
A navigation system with real time identification of location of instruments near the skull base.

But we’ve been on edge ever since seeing Hannah Horvath’s Q-tip incident on Girls (shudder), so we reached out to ear, nose, and throat doctors to find the best way to get that pesky earwax out, without any permanent damage.
I've lost count of the times I have been examined but no one spotted the tooth.'I went again and again to the ear, nose and throat clinic. Risks are minimised by proper evaluation of the CT Scans pre-operatively to identify danger areas in the patients anatomy. I decided to have one last try to sort it out and I booked an appointment at the Royal Hallamshire [Hospital] in Sheffield.'They were determined to get to the bottom of the problem.
As much as we love that so fresh, so clean feeling, if you have any willpower, wean yourself off cotton swabs. The nurse put a suction tube in my ear and cleaned it thoroughly, then she had a go with a microscope probe and finally she used some tweezers and got it out.
While you may see a satisfying bit of yellow on the cotton bud, chances are you’re actually pushing most of the wax deeper into your ear canal, past where it’s naturally produced (and ideally should stay).
Even more concerning, she adds it's pretty common to see patients who’ve poked a hole through their eardrum after using cotton swabs. So if you really, truly can’t cut it cold turkey, limit your cleaning to three times per month, Tylor says. To avoid any Horvath-like mishaps, only clean after a shower since the heat causes the wax to melt. Line up a fingernail at the point where the cotton meets the Q-tip stick—this will be your safeguard to make sure you don't go too deep.

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