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Use one or more of the options below to search for a consultant and link through to view their Spire profile. Spire Bristol Hospital (The Glen) are hosting a free weight-loss surgery information evenings at the hospital. Conversations about a man’s prostate are usually very embarrassing or uncomfortable for anyone. Spire Bristol Hospital offers high quality private hospital care to patients from Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and other parts of the South-West England and Wales. The Elizabeth Foundation provides family centred services in Hampshire and West Yorkshire, for deaf babies, pre-school children and their families. This is a free access website, written by Health Visitors in collaboration with parents, dedicated to providing professional-based information on all topics relevant to the postnatal period and parenting infants and children 0-5 years.
NHSP aims to identify moderate, severe and profound deafness and hearing impairment in newborn babies. The new hearing screening tests use sophisticated technology, can be carried out almost immediately after birth, are entirely safe and comfortable for babies and are much better at identifying the possibility of hearing impairment. Chear is an independent centre that offers a range of services including the assessment of children's hearing; provision and evaluation of appropriate technology.
Services at CHEAR are directed by Josephine Marriage PhD, Clinical Scientist in Audiology and Registered Hearing AId Dispense, who is particularly skilled at working with very young infants, busy toddlers and school age children. These assessments are the first steps in the process of using the remaining hearing effectively to support the development of hearing, listening and, ultimately, talking. Modernising Children's Hearing Aid Services (MCHAS) was the title of the research and training programme which introduced digital signal processing hearing aid technology into the NHS.

2ears2hear is a resource for everyone with an interest in bilateral cochlear implants and the importance of securing NHS funding.
The site was created by two parents with children that were refused NHS funding for sequential bilateral CI operations but self-funded the operations. They aim to make the website an authoritative and independent source of information about binaural hearing, bilateral CIs and NHS funding. The European Association of Cochlear Implant Users represents on a European level the interests fo deaf or hearing impaired people who have regained hearing perceptions through a cochlear implant.
Cochlear are committed to providing the best hearing results for our recipients today and for the future through conitinuous technology innovation, reliability, hearing performance and customer support. MED-EL's PULSARci implant offers innovative sound replication capabilities for more accurate and detailed hearing perceptions than previously possible. PC Werth are the UK's leaders in Soundfield with over 10,000 classrooms benefitting from their leading technology that amplifies a teachers voice whilst also enhancing speech frequencies, broadcasting it from carefully placed speakers to the whole class.
Soundfield systems are t he single most cost-effective teaching enhancement available in the UK today.
The BDA represents the Sign Language community, which is united by shared experiences, history and by British Sign Language (BSL). Disability Living Allowance - sometimes referred to as DLA - is a tax-free benefit for children and adults who need help with personal care or have walking difficulties because they are physically or mentally disabled. Tamba is a nationwide UK charity providing information and mutual support networks for families of twins, triplets and more.
The programme automatically offers all parents in England the opportunity to have their baby's hearing tested shortly after birth.

The programme ran from 2000- 2005 and during this time all Audiology departments in England, received training and children are now routinely fitted with digital hearing aids. It is a purely voluntary initiative without any funding or links with cochlear implant manufacturers or other sponsors. HiResolution Sound is intended to make speech easier to understand particularly in difficult environments and music more enjoyable. Withits headquaters in Washington DC, AG Bell supports its mission: Advocating Independence through Listening and Talking!
They support siblings who are growing up with or who have grown up with a brother or sister with any disability, long term chronic illness, or life limiting condition. Alongside the introduction of new hearing aid technology, new fitting procedures and working practices were introduced. Guidelines covering these procedures were written and are now accepted by the profession as standard quality practice. Siblings have specific needs that require attention at different stages of their lives, including relief of isolation, information, and strategies for coping with the situations they find themselves in. Their aim is to enhance the lives of siblings by providing them with information and support, and by influencing service provision for siblings throughout the UK.

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