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Representatives of the Murray Bank acquired the financial architectural design services of RBS Design Group for their newest branch office to replace an existing facility located directly across from Murray State University. The new bank branch building was designed to complement the existing main building, known as The Murray Bank building, in form, materials and aesthetics. Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline acquired the architectural design services of RBS Design Group for the design of their new headquarters facility, located in Owensboro, KY. This 50,000 square feet two-story office building features numerous conference rooms, private offices, kitchen, a large lobby area and file storage areas.
RBS worked closely with  key staff to help them achieve their vision of using natural lighting and glass features for this unique facility.

Old National Bank acquired the financial architectural design services of RBS Design Group to design their main office. The new four-story office building is used for both regular banking services and also houses the ONB Executive offices.
Special features include a two-story entrance featuring a grand staircase in which to access the second story lending offices.
The main floor features a teller station, lobby area, main floor offices and restroom facilities. This modern facility is enhanced with  unique decor and a breath taking skylight that is visible upon entering the main lobby of the building.

This facility has a glass exterior and many environmentally friendly features that help to separate it from other buildings in the area. This high tech office area contains miles of data cabling within this highly efficient work area.

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