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The healing time for each individual, regardless of the piercing type, will vary considerably. Choose a "beginning" jewelry so that once the piercing heals, you can get the perfect jewelry placed later on. Once the piercing has healed completely, go to your piercer to change the "beginning" jewelry. I’ve been wanting to get my cartilage pierced for quite some time and finally got to it while I was in Korea! The first and last photos are very beautiful, the others are not quite to my taste I’m afraid. What changed were the locations as the invention of risky and innovative places to pierce the ears.

Along with the placement, we have also mentioned the approximate healing time for each piercing. Of course, getting an ear piercing, any piercing for that matter, is a big thing which requires commitment and responsibility. It’s a shame for me though because my ears are hyper-sensitive and it reacts nastily to almost all earrings. I took all of mine out because I was struggling to find more delicate designs but now I want to start the hunt again.
Many cultures around the world accept body piercings, out of which, ear piercing is the most popular.
If you follow the instructions provided to you by the professional piercer, then there shouldn't be any chances of it getting infected. Which is why, it is essential to know basic rules or guidelines before you get a piercing done.

In the following article, you will find some unique and a few traditional ear piercing types. Whether you're lounging by the beach or having lunch at the pool, this tote will be your favorite day bag. Fully lined to ensure a smooth fit, this duchesse-silk design is intricately embellished with colorful beads and geometric appliques that are strategically placed to draw attention to the smallest part of the frame.

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