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Samantha M., too, would like to get her 3-month-old daughter's ears pierced but is not sure when or where to get it done. Before getting your baby's ears pierced, many readers recommend you consult your pediatrician.
Once your doctor has given the "all clear," then moms generally recommend you pierce your baby's ears at a young age. For these reasons, readers recommend that if you don't pierce your baby's ears when she's an infant, wait until she's a tween or teen and asks for it. During the actual piercing, several readers recommended going to a shop where two staff people can perform the piercings on each earlobe at the same time. Once the piercings are done, remember to keep the holes clean, and monitor your baby for any allergic reactions.
If you're really concerned about an allergic reaction, talk to your baby's pediatrician to get more information — or wait until another time, Brittny C. Gisele Bundchen posted a sweet picture with her 7-month-old daughter that has somehow become the focus of an ongoing cultural debate. The picture in question shows the supermodel lovingly gazing at her baby girl, Vivian Lake, while she holds her in her arms. The latest image shared by Bunchden on her Instagram account has added fuel to an ongoing fiery debate among mommy bloggers across the country.
She added that she and her sisters all had their ears pierced as infants a€” a€?Glad I had it done when I was just a baby,a€? she noted. On its website, the American Academy of Pediatrics says ear piercing is safe at any age, although there is always a risk of infection. Back in January when a letter in in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazettea€™s advice column likened infant ear piercing to a€?borderline child abuse,a€? another Latina mom advocated for the practice. Our community is moderated by our moderation team so you won't see spam or offensive messages posted on our forums.
For the exact same reason that people think pierced ears on themselves and others are fine but not pierced anything else..
Every few months at least one person would come in requesting to have their childs cartilage pierced but never eyebrows or noses. True, but it definitely can happen even with ears that are cleaned and taken care of properly.
Heck, if in the future I have a daughter and she wants her ears pierced, I'll do it myself (with autoclaved needles and tools, of course). When I went to a percing parler to get the top on my ear done I got a really bad infection. I went to another place to do them, (For DD#2 I was exploring my options) and the women there was extreamly rude to me about it.
I had my ears pierced, and one of them the skin grew over the whole and I was cleaning them and doing everything I was suppose to.
I personally don't find litlle girls with earings cute, but that's probably because I'm not a fan of it in the first place.
I have a high pain tolerance, and can't even begin to describe how badly my cartilage hurt when I got it done with a gun. We got Lily's done at Claires, they do have a gold plated earring, which is what we got for her. They do have a little adorable pair of tiny half hoop earrings at Kohls, they are adorable but I'm still not sure Lily is ready for hoop earrings, even if they are made for little girls.

About once a month we send updates with most popular content, childrens' health alerts and other information about raising healthy children.
Even though the disease is not very common (thanks to immunizations), the tetanus bacteria is everywhere.
I would prefer that a baby have at least one (better two) tetanus shots behind her before her big day.
Our goal is to improve children's health by inspiring parents to become knowledgable partners who can work with their children's physicians in new and rich ways.
Yet if you're sold on the idea of getting your baby some bling, here are four tips to make it as pain- and problem-free as possible. He or she will be the best professional to assess whether your baby's ears are a suitable size for earrings.
An infant is less likely to tug on her ears, so it makes the holes less noticeable and easier to clean, Melissa O.
Are moms so worried that their girl may be mistaken for a boy that they have to take their kids to get their ears pierced? I think inflicting pain on a child of any age without a sound medical reason for it is absolutely wrong. This is her second child with New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady, with whom she also shares a 4-year-old son, Benjamin. I know babies experience pain, but ear piercing is probably less painful than a vaccination shot,a€? Velez wrote in her post. Each of our message boards is hosted by JustMommies hosts, whose names are listed at the top each board.
My holes will never grow over, I can go years without wearing earrings and I can still wear them. She would be dressed head to toe in pink, with pink diamond earrings, and some women would still come up to her in her stroller, and say, oh what a cute little boy!
If you walked into a piercing shop and asked to have your baby's nose pierced I wonder if it would be legal for them to do it. Using myself as an example: my mom had my ears pierced when I was a baby, and took them out when I was 2 or so.
Telling me I was a cruel mom to torcher my baby like that and that it was extreamly dangerous.
One was at the top and one of in the middle and I don't recall either of them hurting badly. First time I took it out because I couldn't sleep on that side for months because of the constant pain. The first tetanus shot is usually given at the 6 to 8 week old checkup; the second at the 4 month checkup.
Additionally, a pediatrician should determine what vaccines your child should need prior to piercing. If you wait until your child is between 4 and 6 years old, it's more challenging to keep their hands clean and away from the holes as they heal, she explained. If not then why is it legal to poke holes in their ears without their consent for cosmetic purposes? Had them re-pierced when I was 7 (the first holes were still open, but too high on my lobe - looked funny), I wore earrings for a couple of years and then stopped. I think that the noise scared DD#1, and since DD#2 couldn't hear then it didn't faze her at all.

I heard an actual piercing needle hurts a whole hell of a lot less, and the gun essentially shatters the cartilage and doesn't pierce it properly.
I got it done a little over a year ago and even though it hurt worse (she pierced it through the old scar tissue) it healed a lot faster this time. I think that at 4 weeks old, she doesn’t have a clue as to where or what her ears are, as opposed to a 4-5 month-old baby, so I would rather have it done now.
He appears frequently in the media including such venues as the The New York Times, the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, & the Dr.
But my pharmacist said to wait until 1 year, because if it's done while she's too small the holes might be skew later on. Some mall jewelry stores, for instance, require parents to show their child's shot records before piercing, Ciera W.
Circumcision at least has a religious reason and helps keep the little guy's nether region cleaner, but there is just no reason to pierce a baby's ears except the mothers vanity.
I got it when I was 13 or 14, and when I got my MRI I had to take it out and I can't even begin to explain how mad I would have been if it closed up, because it hurt THAT bad that it stays in just for the pure fact that I will never get it again, and am used to having it there, therefore, that sucker is going to stay open, lol. After we took Lily's out she had little gold balls that were adorable, and not badly priced either. Also, babies are better able to handle the more common minor skin infections they might get once they are more than 3 months old.
Unless I wanted a special percing like navel, eye brow, or whatever, cause then you kind of have to go to the percer. Its one thing to not agree and even to say you wont do it for such and such reason, its another to be a compleat idiot to people. I was told that as long as I kept a clear bar through it and I wore my hair down or at least tried to cover it with my hair, then I could keep it. More important than records is the advice of a doctor, who can assess when your child is healthy and has enough immunity built up to decrease the chance of infection. Had she said to me, I'm sorry I don't feel comfortable doing it on a baby, I would have been fine with it. Alecia D.'s doctor, for example, told her to wait a couple of weeks after the 2-month vaccines. Amber A.'s doctor was more conservative, asking Amber to wait until her daughter was 6 months old.
The actual piercing itself wasn't THAT bad, but it definitely hurt way worse than my cartilage. A pediatrician often can provide additional assistance by performing the piercing, Jennifer P. When they used the needle I was in tears it hurt so bad, with the gun it was over before I felt a thing and it was fine in seconds. The piercer let the clamp slip and I think that is a big issue of why it hurt so badly and then didn't heal correctly.

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