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They really went the extra mile with the articulation and as an entirely new build following their recent progress in stability the Shadow Fox has been very sturdy.
I definitely recommend it over the older ones, as it has much better stability and a very appealing look. Unfortuntely the nose has a rather obvious malfunction in that the two halves of the face part here.
It can rotate far upwards and downwards, and combined with the joint of the neck can turn so far sideways that it looks as if Shadow Fox is looking back, instead of it always being in a fixed forward facing position.

It now attaches to the bar over the shoulders and has two major points of up-down rotation.
Shadow Fox has an excellent ball joint system in the main body, where the joint is actually meant to pull out slightly, so that the legs can turn further inwards without being obstructed by the body. They are also articulated at the 'knee' and 'heel', with a pipe on the middle section being able to flip upwards to avoid obstructing the pose. I've had no falling parts except for the gun itself, which game loose every now and then, and the Zoid is still standing strong several months later.

You can see in a photo the ball joint that's attached to a PC part, which lends much of the articulation to the part. It can also tilt and lean, and swivel sideways, but no longer has the bar attaching to the back.

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