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Accumulation of dirt around the fresh piercing might cause infection and other complications. Captive bead rings are ideal during the healing process as they fit comfortably on the piercing. What is high nostril piercing Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry. What is third eye piercing One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows.
What are spider bites piercings Nowadays several styles of lip piercings are being sported by the young fashion-enthusiastic crowd. Ears Of all piercing's various ear placements(see Chart) are most widespread and socially acceptable. SeptumSeptum piercing has been and continues to be prevalent in many cultures throughout the world.
LipPiercing of the lip and cheek have become common place in many cultures around the world. LabretThis piercing is traditionally done from the middle of the lower lip's edge to the center of your "pout". Nipples are usually pierced horizontally, but can be pierced vertically or even diagonally.
Labia Minora and Labia MajoraHistorically speaking, Labia piercings are the female equivalent of foreskin piercings having been the means of assuring female chastity. Clitoral hoodThis piercing is extremely popular as the piercing allows the jewelry to constantly excite the clitoris and enhance clitoral stimulation during intercourse. ClitorisAlthough growing in popularity: We feel that most women do not have a large enough clitoris to pierce safely. ForeskinHistorically speaking foreskin piercings have been used as a means of assuring male chastity. Prince AlbertNamed for Queen Victoria’s consort, prince Albert, who allegedly had one.
FrenumThe second most popular piercing of the penis is that of the Frenum: Which is the losse web of skin between the foreskin and the head of the penis. ApadravyaThe vertical counterpart of the ampallang is mentioned in the Karma Sutra: the ancient Hindu treatise on love and social conduct. DydoesThese piercing are generally done by men who want to regain some of the sensation which they felt has been lost due to circumcision. No chemical or magic sauce will ever add new skin, your body heals itself, your piercing does not require antibacterial products or special care to happily heal. Use Tech 2000 diluted with distilled or bottled water (not tap water) according to package instructions as an oral irrigator (two capfuls to one cup of water). Rinse mouth for 30-60 seconds with diluted Tech 2000 or Biotene (see Cleaning Solutions above) after meals during the entire minimum initial healing time.
Rinse mouth briefly (10-15 seconds) with the mild sea salt mixture (see recipe above) after you are done smoking, or if you ingest anything except water or clean ice between meals. Swelling of the area is perfectly normal during the first part of healing an oral piercing. Don’t be alarmed if you see a fairly liquid, yellowish secretion coming from the piercing. Piercings may have a tendency to have a series of ups and downs during healing by seeming healed and then regressing. Once initial swelling is down, having your piercer replace the post portion of bar style jewelry with a shorter post may be wise. Keep following the care procedures during the entire mini-mum initial healing time, even if the piercing seems healed sooner.
Try to sleep with your head propped up on pillows during the first few nights of healing; keeping your head above your heart will help to avoid much initial overnight swelling. An over-the-counter, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.) taken according to package instructions can reduce discomfort, and it can also help to diminish swelling the first few days. Check twice daily with clean hands to be sure the threaded ends on your jewelry are on tight. Replace your toothbrush and make sure to keep it clean so that everything that goes into your mouth is hygienic while you are healing. Try to go slowly when you eat and to take small bites when you are getting used to your new jewelry. No oral sexual contact including French (wet) kissing or oral sex during the entire initial healing period, even if you are in a monogamous relationship. Stay away from aspirin, large amounts of caffeine, and alcoholic beverages for the first several days. Refrain from eating spicy, salty, acidic, or hot temperature foods and beverages for a few days. Do not play with the piercing for the initial healing time be-yond the necessary movement for speaking and eating. Even after healing, excessive play with oral jewelry can result in permanent damage to teeth, gums, and oral structures. Copyright © 2000, by the Association of Professional Piercers, any changes or deletions are strictly prohibited and must be approved in writing by the APP. The following aftercare guidelines for facial and body piercings are courtesy of the Association of Professional Piercers.
Salt Water SoaksMild sea salt water soaks are strongly suggested at least once a day to accelerate healing and increase your comfort. Cleaning InstructionsBody piercings need to be cleaned once or twice daily, every day, for the entire initial healing time. Once healed your piercing may secrete a semi-solid white malodorous substance from the oil glands called sebum. Factor Five at this time offers branding services.It is imperative that you stop by for a consultation and literature to educate yourself. BRAND1NG AFTERCARE During the healing of a brand it will go through two stages,the initial healing period (2-6 weeks) in which the skin is open and scabbing. Brands are third degree burns which means the skin has actually been destroyed, so in the initial healing you want to keep the area clean. CLEANING– When cleaning the brand make sure hands have been thoroughly washed in an antibacterial soap before doing anything to the area, Then use a saline soak twice a day for about 4 weeks. Aloe vera maybe used during the first day or two to help soothe the branding, but prolonged use may speed healing to the point that the branding may not raise as well. Your brand will probably be excreting a clear or yellowish liquid during the erst few weeks, you may want to cover the area with a NONSTICK pad, If you don’t, make sure that clothes are clean, loose, and made of natural fibers.
Statements: Needles, gloves, pigment and pierce needles in our workshop are all one-off to prevent your skin from cross infection. The most common nail problems of discoloration and thickening are usually due to a fungus infection. A unique type of ear piercing, this one can only be done if you have a well-developed innermost cartilage fold.
Since daith piercing is a bit complicated, it must be carried out by an experienced piercer. You might experience a throbbing pain once the needle is taken out, but after a while it reduces.

Although double piercing gives you an elegant look, it can only be done if the cartilage fold is big enough. Though it should be noted: in the 30's- to the early 60's women with even lobe piercings were considered troublemakers!- ha (social outcasts,misfits and "fast" according to my Grandfather).
In recent years, many modern men and women have adopted the fashion, several basic types of jewelry are worn in this piercing: Rings, barbells, nose bones, nose screws and fish-tails.
Some African and Indonesian tribes have this type of piercing as well as the Cuna Indians of Panama. Piercings can be done anywhere along the length of the lower lip and in avoiding the devils triangle*, much of the upper lip and surrounding area is acceptable. Though an experienced piercer knows to look for the natural "sweet spot" for best overall comfort. This form of piercing was and is practiced in many countries; Ethiopia, Rome, India and Persia to name a few. For the few who opt for this piercing it affords its owner with incomparable heightened sensitivity. The preferable choice of Jewelry is a ring that encircles the head of the penis during erection: much like a cock ring.
This vertical piercing of the head of the penis is placed so that the underside emerges through the same hole of the pierce and reverse prince Albert piercings.
Dydone piercings are normally done in pairs, one dydoe stud through the glans on either side of the head of the penis: this piercing is only appropriate for the man who has been circumcised. Many men have often had the piercing done on the underside of the penis: which are generally referred to as frenum piercings.
You may find that the healing will finish faster than by other means if you treat your piercing like stitches, keep it completely dry and keeping scab intact.
Do not use more than 4-5 times daily and use it over intervals spaced throughout the entire day. If you are cleaning too often, the top of your tongue will start to turn a white to yellowish color. There can also be some bleeding under the surface resulting in temporary bruising or discoloration. You may feel aching, pinching, tightness or other unpleasant sensations off and on for several days or longer. Try to be patient, and do keep cleaning during the entire initial healing time, even if the piercing seems healed sooner. Jewelry which fits more closely is less likely to irritate your mouth or get between your teeth and be bitten. To clean hands, wash them carefully with liquid antibacterial soap such as Dial or Lever 2000. A sensitive type of toothpaste may be less irritating to your mouth during healing than a usual, stronger variety.
Your mouth is likely to feel uncoordinated at first, but this will pass.* Try eating small bites of solid foods by placing food directly onto the molars with clean fingers or a fork. Take small bites and go slowly at first.* The outside of the piercing may become somewhat red or pink during healing and this is normal.
Inferior alternatives include products such as Almay Clearly Natural, Hypocare, NutriBiotic or other mild, fragrance-and color-free liquid antibacterial soap. You can do a brief salt water soak before your daily cleaning(s) as well as several additional times a day. Additional soaks can be brief (1 minute or so) and still be effective for soothing the area and removing matter. You may feel stinging, burning, aching or other unpleasant sensations off and on for several days or longer. It is fairly liquid, whitish-yellow in color and forms a crust on the jewelry at the openings of the piercing.
Do not expect jewelry to swing freely in most body piercings, even after they are thoroughly healed. These prevent oxygen from reaching the wound and form a sticky residue, which can cause complications.
Your body’s ability to protect itself from infection has been compromised, so you must pick up the slack externally. Pour the saline into a cup and heat it up the microwave until slightly warmer then room temp.
Often it is the first or second degree burns on the surrounding skin (caused by radiating heat) which are the most painful.
Tight or synthetic clothes may rub and irritate the branding, and dirty clothes harbor bacteria which could cause infection.
You will want to clean the brand in the shower, but now you can treat it pretty much like normal skin. The infection can spread from one nail to the next, but generally is not contagious from person to person. After initial cleaning, a sterilized curved needle is pushed through the thick cartilage fold. Although a new piercing causes redness, soreness and swelling, take medical help if it becomes severely infected. Most piercing enthusiasts are able to survive in an unsympathetic world with this placement only because a retainer or glass plug is inserted- even for an initial piercing. This use to be a particularly difficult piercing to heal and retain however by using the "Dry-Method" we are finding the heal times cut easily in half. It was in vogue in France during the reign of Louis XIV and in England during the reign of Queen Victoria.
For many modern women Labia piercings are done to enhance erotic feelings: not to restrict intercourse.
This piercings is a horizontal piercing located between the scrotum and the anus: usually where the inseam of a pair of pants would be located. We at Body Designs coined the name and piercing as speed bumps after the reaction of females to stimulation that is received from these piercings.
We have pioneered the use of barbells in this area for all initial piercings and we use 12G as a standard beginning size. Continue to clean your piercing, but reduce the number of times you are cleaning it per day. All healing piercings secrete, it just looks different inside the mouth, as it doesn’t have a chance to dry and form a crust as it does on ear or body piercings. This varies from person to person, and even if your ear lobe piercings stay open without jewelry your oral piercing may not! Try to avoid other disturbances such as excessive talking, actively playing with the jewelry, or clicking the jewelry against your teeth.
Refer to the Aftercare Guidelines for Body and Facial Piercings sheet for instructions on how to care for the exterior surface of such a piercing.
These should possibly be diluted with distilled or bottled water, depending on product strength. It is particularly advisable to soak before you do anything active, as it will prevent crust from being pulled inside the piercing as you move around.
Do not clean more often as this can irritate your piercing, and possibly delay your healing.

If your piercing is tender or secreting you should continue the care regimen, even if it is past the stated average healing time range. This means don’t touch the area with dirty or unwashed hands and keep everyone else away from the branding until the surface has been sealed over.
Take a sterile gauze or cotton ball and absorb the saline and apply to the area for 10-15 min., and then pat dry with a paper towel or napkin.
Some people scar dramatically with very little effort, while some notice a color change and not much else.
Davis can prescribe oral antifungal agents, which need to be taken by mouth for 1-3 months. If you experience irritation and pus discharge near the pierced region, then there is a possibility of a jewelry rejection. Thus making their piercings not visible to the majority of people until a ring, piece of horn or a tusk is inserted. This is important as the rejection rate is very high on such a surface (without ledge) piercing.
It does however require dedication and careful attention to micro tears as it can easily become irritated by belts, waistbands and even sitting or bending.
We use only custom fit barbells for the initial piercing; however rings can be worn after the piercing is healed.
This piercing was common in ancient Rome and is popular in India and Borneo.Foreskins can have single or multiple piercings and because the tissue is so thin the healing time is quite rapid. The piercing is made through the underside of the head of the penis exiting through the urethra.
Healing time is generally less than that of the ampallang as the piercing generally passes through the urethra.
If you are diligent with oral hygiene the jewelry will not need to be removed for cleaning, and it can usually be left in even for routine visits to the dentist. Undue stress on the piercing can cause the formation of unsightly and uncomfortable scar tissue, migration and other complications. Salt water is the only additional product (other than the cleanser and water) we suggest you use to care for your piercing.
At this stage is when you can begin to irritate your brand to cause more dramatic scarring.
There are no specific guarantees with branding, it is an organic modification rather than an exact one like piercing. It would be better if you get the jewelry removed by a professional piercer before the piercing migrates.
The jewelry must be exactly the right size and proper measurement is crucial to avoid dental and tissue crisis.
The Aftercare we give to you both verbally and in writing is very important -as it is with all piercings. We will be happy to sterilize and insert any of your FV purchases once your piercing has healed (All clients recieve 20% off Jewelry purchases once they are given a customer ID number.) However, we do not approve of outside sources as they could contain questionable metals. Optimal frequency will depend on your skin sensitivity, activity level, and environmental factors. For above-the-neck piercings try sleeping with your head elevated above your heart (prop up on some pillows) to limit overnight swelling.
Later if a ring of 18, 16 or 14 gauge are worn, it would appear to simply wrap around the eyebrow. Swelling is to be expected for several days after the piercing though in following the after care we outline, it is absolutely minimal if any. Individuals who have adopted this type of piercing, generally wear some type of metal ring, to which some type of weight is frequently attached and worn. Barbells are the most suitable jewelry for this piercing and should fix snug during erection.
Studies show non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products such as Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.) can help minimize swelling.
You may end up ripping the edges and making them uneven or even giving yourself an infection. For certain placements it is easier to use a clean cotton ball or gauze pad soaked in the salt water and applied to the pierced area. Prepare the area for the cleansing by rinsing or soaking with warm water and be sure to remove any stubborn crust using a cotton swab and warm water. This gives us stress free time to communicate back and forth about your expectations and design ideas. Brandings will spread when they heal, and we need to take this into consideration when creating or working out the size of your piece. Even old, well-healed piercings can shrink or close in minutes after having been there for years! This varies from person to person, and even if your ear lobe piercings stay open without jewelry your body piercing may not! Contact your piercer if your jewelry must be temporarily removed (such as for a medical procedure). Cleanse the area and the jewelry, and gently rotate the jewelry back and forth a few times to work the solution to the inside. Monofilament nylon or another inert non-metallic substance may be able to be inserted to maintain the piercing until jewelry can be reinserted. For some people a brand will produce a beautifully raised and defined texture that is wonderfully sensitive to the touch. Your own sweat and bodily fluids are not harmful to your piercing, provided you clean daily as directed. You may bathe normally, just don’t purposely work anything other than the cleanser onto the inside of the piercing. Rinse the area thoroughly under running water, while rotating the jewelry back and forth to completely remove the cleanser from the inside and outside of the piercing.
To bathe safely, clean your tub with a bleach product before each bath, and rinse the tub before you fill it. Gently pat dry with disposable paper products such as gauze or tissues, as cloth towels can harbor bacteria. If you do have an infection, the jewelry should be left in the piercing to allow for drainage of pus.
Your design is stenciled or drawn onto your skin (as with a tattoo) exactly where you want it. Using 316L surgical steel segments, the pieces are heated and pre-formed with a series of shot strikes, making up the design you choose. Most often people are surprised the experience is more comfortable than expected and that it does not bleed.The Healing The first few days that follow your branding is when you will feel some discomfort, As the affected area separates from the unaffected skin, there is a slight throbbing sensation. The cost for such work really depends on the size and complexity of the design you desire, Our minimum charge is $90, A price will be determined during your consultation.

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