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Determined to get freshly punched holes in my ears before I came to my senses and changed my mind, I forged on to the mall. I wanted the new holes punched over the light, leftover indentations of the old holes, and it would’ve been great if there were an adult nearby to do that.
I moseyed over to the counter (yes I said moseyed, I’m like 80 years old) and asked the guy if he was doing piercings. Anyone else find a major sense of relief when a task they sort of dreaded doing turned out to be total cake? Need another reason why Jimmy Fallon is the best late night talk show host on television right now? The best part of this video is the moment when Harrison takes a pen and marks the spot on Jimmy’s ear where the hole will go, and Jimmy screams bloody murder as if the piercing is actually happening. As I approached Claire’s, I saw their piercing station was conveniently set up right outside their door practically calling my name.

After signing my life away on multiple forms I sat and waited for him as he sterilized himself with a prudence I doubt most surgeons use before cutting people open. Now I just get to clean them three  times a day for 6 weeks and I can start wearing pretty earrings. Jimmy teased the segment on Twitter and Instagram before it aired, so clearly I was super excited to finally watch it. Like when you were little and you had a splinter in your finger and your mom tried to pull it out with tweezers but every time she got too close you bawled as if she’d just cut your finger off. I knew they did piercings, yet as I walked closer, visions of teenage shop workers danced in my head. I vow to myself here and now that I WILL keep these holes open and earring-wearable until October! Harrison himself wears an earring, because you don’t play Han Solo and Indiana Jones without getting a badass earring to grow old with.

I nonchalantly glanced over at the cash register to see a guy about my age behind the counter with earrings of his own, and I found a bit more comfort in my decision to come. I was half tempted to grab my ear and ensure he actually pierced it, but I didn’t want him to think I was nuts so I just waited as he moved to the other ear.
As I just said, Harrison chose to go the needle route rather than the piercing gun route, which already makes this video ten times grittier than the time Kathy Griffin did the same thing to Aubrey Plaza on her talk show. Oh my God, you guys, is Jimmy Fallon recreating The Parent Trap in stages on his show without anyone noticing?!

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