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I’ve been wanting to get my cartilage pierced for quite some time and finally got to it while I was in Korea!
The first and last photos are very beautiful, the others are not quite to my taste I’m afraid. Here at Shiva Piercing studio, we offer a wide range of piercings including stretching and dermal anchoring. Our property holds a Special Treatments Licence approved by Greenwich Council for body piercing and tattoos.
All our piercers have all been trained whilst at Shiva by Paul so you can expect only the best!
Healing time - minimum 3 months.It is crucial that skin paint as well as the anti-bacterial cleansing solution is used.
The swelling will reduce after about 2 weeks so pop back for a fitting of a shorter bar if needed. It is crucial that a full aftercare pack is purchased to ensure that the piercing heals effeciently. We offer a stretching service that is performed by our piercers professionally and efficiently. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. The youngest member of the Kardashian clan opted for a little silver hoop on the inside of her ear.
Tragus piercing is a type of piercing that is done on the tragus in order to insert jewelry.

So if you think that tragus earrings are just for punks and other rebellious people, think again.
It’s a shame for me though because my ears are hyper-sensitive and it reacts nastily to almost all earrings. I took all of mine out because I was struggling to find more delicate designs but now I want to start the hunt again. Jewellery is not included in the service, so why not purchase your desired size plug or flesh tunnel from our ever expanding range in store? This is a small implantation of jewellery underneath the surface of the skin, a completely different method from the usual piercing but currently a popular and attractive choice. These models are a combination of both famous actors, models, and the average Janes and Joes.
You might not see Scarlett’s tragus earring very well in this picture, but is is no secret that she has one. Tragus earrings are sometimes a bit hard to notice, especially since most of them are small. One benefit of getting pierced at a piercing shop is that there are plenty of earrings that you can select from.
If you plan to have several piercings, make sure that you don’t get any sores to avoid delay in wound healing and complications. Depending on your style, you can actually pierce as many as you want; most men feel better when they have lots of piercings.
Yes, a single tragus earring can be matched with two more piercings as long as their designs aren’t that complicated.

Here’s a cool starling silver tragus earring that goes greatly with these other earrings. A tragus earring can easily be paired with multiple earrings without looking too accessorized since most of them aren’t that large.
Tragus piercing, like nose piercing, has become very common among people, even celebrities. From piercing trends, to piercing shops and piercing inspiration we try to educate and inspire YOU by sharing our passion. The jewellery used is titanium in compliance with the EU Nickel directive and is entirely sterile before use. So if you want people to clearly notice your piercings, why not just go with a lot of them.? So long as you’ve got a piecing to go along with your ink, then you will always look hardcore.
Because of this, a lot of people are now getting more acquainted and comfortable with body piercings. If you ever want to get a tragus piercing on your own, it is best to ask help from a professional and go to a piercing shop. This will help ensure that your piercing will look just as fabulous or as stylish as the movie stars and the song artists.

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