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Forward Helix: The portion of the helix that folds forward where the ear meets the side of the face can be pierced on most individuals, which is called a forward helix piercing. Vertical Industrial: This is an industrial that runs vertically across the ear rather than horizontally. Anti-Tragus: The anti-tragus is the protrusion of cartilaginous tissue just across from the tragus, which can be freely pierced in most individuals.

Daith:  A piercing of the crest just above the opening of the ear canal is called a daith, but to be a true daith as originally designed, the piercee must wear a hoop or circular, so that the item appears to emerge from within the ear. Inner Conch: This is a piercing in the concave plane of cartilage at the inside of the ear, below the uppermost ridge.
Outer Conch: An outer conch piercing perforates the flatter cartilage above the upper ridge but underneath the helix.

Rook: Last but not least, the rook is a piercing of the upper cartilage ridge, usually worn with a curved barbell.

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