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You Are Here: Home - What's New - How much noise is too much noise?How much noise is too much noise? June 25, 2015 By Divine Home Care Your favorite song comes on the radio, so you crank up the volume to blast the music and sing out loud at the top of your lungs.
In general, everyone is exposed to sounds in their everyday environment at a safe level, but if the noises are too loud, they can be harmful.
NIHL is damage to the inner ear caused by loud noises for a brief moment or over a great length of time. People of all ages can develop NIHL, including children, teenagers, adults and elderly people.
A variety of loud noises can cause NIHL, whether it’s a onetime sound or consistent over a long period of time. Protects from loud noises that can result in hearing loss Provides high level of protection . They provide comfortable and effective noise reduction (Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 29dB) with the convenience of disposability. So even if it's sunny when you arrive, think about what it's going to be like should it rain. When it runs off your accommodation, will it run away from the tent, or pool in the indentation where you set up? If you are tent camping and using a footprint beneath your tent (which you should be doing every time), you will need to take a bit of care with how you set it up. You might want to set up a tarp or something that is easily put up and place your key gear items in there, away from the rain. Depending on the size of your tent, if you can manage to put a tarp up successfully and high enough, your tent could be erected underneath the tarp.
Do all of your outside chores first, and only enter the shelter when that is all done (because you don't want to be taking off your wet gear to go in the tent, and then putting it all back on). If space allows, bringing an extra shelter (apart from where you are sleeping) is VERY helpful.

The site Camping with Charlie has some good ideas on ways to set up tarps if you don't know how to do so.
And the important point, a shelter, provides an opportunity to set up a clothes line to dry off wet clothes. Umbrellas can work in the right situation, but not ideal especially if you are moving around the campsite and need hands to be free.
For children, the same sort of gear applies - get them a jacket with a hood, and better to buy big so you get more use out of it.
If transporting your bedding from a car to the shelter, put your bedding in a garbage bag as you move it around, to minimise water on it.
Lack of ventilation in your sleeping area will mean condensation that makes everything damp. Then read food to cook over a campfire on a stick  and also these easy camping recipes, that don't need a campfire (but a stove is required). Hopefully, some of these tips will help make your next rain-filled camping adventure a little easier to cope with.
And if you do hang in there, and not head home because of the rain, don't let a bad experience colour your opinions on camping. This story was first published in 2013 and has been updated and amended to be more informative and accurate. Both come with heating elements in key areas such as your core and feet, and you adjust with a touch of a button on the item itself. I think it's aimed at the car campers, the more casual camper who may not want to go out camping in winter as they don't have all the right gear.
Cold sleepers (like myself) who do take a long time to warm up, no matter whether camping or not, might find either of the two items (liner and wearable liner) another option to try to help with the warming-up process. Anyone who camps in very cold climates could possibly be wary of relying on a form of  warmth that needs a battery. For the new campers (or those just thinking about heading outdoors as a beginner) reading this story, well, there is a lot you are about to discover.

You may still have some people nearby, but if you have chosen your campsite with a bit of care, you might not have even noticed them! Remember to not go crazy with shopping for gear when new to camping (it's also one of our 10 mistakes beginner campers make). Apart from food, there isn't much difference between camping for 1 night and camping for  7 nights - you need pretty much the same amount of gear. Showering, hair washing and just being clean are not easy tasks when camping (less hassle of course if you are in a caravan park). It's a great smell until you arrive home, and everything will smell of the fire, including you. In your camping group, there will be at least one person with Obsessive Campfire Adjustment Syndrome (OCAS). They will constantly adjust the fire with a large stick or shovel,  decide when a new log must go on, not be happy when someone else attends to the fire (ie. You will appreciate this beautiful country and the experience you have had, but part of you will be grateful when you return home to hot showers and your own bed. Setting up your camping gear for the first time when on the camp trip itself is a dumb idea. If someone is around a noise that is too loud, even for a brief amount of time, they can damage sensitive structures in their inner ear and cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). You can protect your hearing for life if you understand the hazards of noise and practice safe hearing.

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