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We found that this was in fact one of those times when it pays to actually read the instructions.
The folks at Brownells are giving away a Glock 43 and assortment of quality every day carry gear. If you want to learn about the world of guns, shooting and the American way, check out some of my books. Anyone who uses guns, whether hunting or on shooting ranges, on even a semi a regular basis use some kind of noise reduction mechanism and the best ones available are ear muffs. Using both ear plugs and muffs can add up to a noise reduction of around 36 NRR, this is pretty much the best level of  protection you can get unless you carry a industrial level portable hearing protection device around with you.
No one can ever argue that it is essential that everyone is wearing some sort of hearing protection while either shooting guns themselves or standing around watching others shoot. To put that into some balance, anything over 85dbs can damage your hearing, so you should be wearing hearing protection while you use your chainsaws and probably when you mow the lawn.
You can get the disposable poly urethane foam ear plugs, they are nice and soft but can be a bit tricky for first time users.
The freebie ear plugs that are available at shooting ranges are not going to protect your hearing to any decree as they are going to be the cheapest bulk buy items that are available. Before you go out and buy shooting ear muffs you should think about how you will be using them and ask yourself some questions. How much do you think hearing aids will cost in the future if you buy the cheapest ear muffs now?

The more you shoot the more chance there is of damage to your hearing, you invest money in every other part of your hobby so do not be scared to spend money on a good pair of shooting ear muffs, they will last for years.
If you shoot alone then you may be happy to get a pair of ear muffs that just block out every sound but if you have other people around then you need to look at models that block out gun shots (and other loud noises) but allow normal volume of talk through.
The Ear Seals model is a low-cost, yet very effective design featuring a -27dB noise reduction rating. To get them in with a good solid fit, just rotate them into your ear like a screw, although use of power tools is not advised. So these fit me really well and are comfortable for longer periods of time due to the soft material used. I'm the creator and primary author of the Insanely Practical Guides series of how-to books. I believe that life is a bowl of fruit loops and that things don't have to be so complicated, although I suppose excessive techno-jargon keeps lots of well-intentioned lawyers in business.
Some people will point out that using ear plugs with a set of ear muffs over them gives extra noise protection. The NRR rating of ear plugs is usually 6 while the best ear muff is usually 30 NRR, adding up to 36 NRR. People often forget that just because you are not doing the firing yourself you still are around the increased noise.
If you do a number of noisy things, e.g if you use a chainsaw in the day and go shooting at weekends then you should definitely be wearing shooting ear muffs.

PVC foam ear plugs are soft but not as soft and the urethane ones, they are a bit easier to put inside your ear. These plugs come in different sizes and are color coded they are as effective as any ear plug can be but they are also a lot more costly than the pvc foam ear plugs.
This is done by having some electronics in the headset and saves you having to constantly take your head set on and off. If you find anything touching the top of your head to be annoying then you will need to get a set that are held together with a neckband. Once that’s done, you have a very snug and secure fit that will last hours without adjustment. The real question is whether the extra 6 NRR that you save by wearing the ear plugs is worth the extra level of discomfort. The one thing that people always mention is how cheap ear plugs are, this may seem like you are saving money.
They may cost a little more but the extra money will be worth it in the reduced annoyance level. However if you go shooting even once a month you will end up spending more on foam ear plugs that you throw away all the time than you would spend more on them over time than you would on a decent pair of ear muffs designed for shooting.

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