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This week ZenPlugs launched their new modular earplug system which has several new patent-pending features making them even more comfortable and effective. One day in 2009 Dr Toby Bateson was fed up because his rubber stethoscope earpieces had split and fallen off again. He was so happy with his new earpieces he decided to start a company to develop, manufacture and market his invention.
Based in Truro, Cornwall we source materials, services and expertise locally and export internationally.

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The earlets are made of 316L stainless steel and come with an O-ring on the back to hold them in place. The tapers are made out of acrylic and also come with 2 o-rings to hold them in place ( the o-rings are used if want to insert the tapers slowly).

Rather than forcing larger gauge jewelry into a piercing, you can insert a taper and follow through with the jewelry for an easy and almost pain free experience. This is all the jewelry you will need to stretch your piercing and you can buy it all in one purchase.

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