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This is a rifle that is so cool that just owning one is a pleasure but firing one is literally a blast. The second group of the MFS (figure 9-A) was about the same as the first only the 3 shots that actually grouped are much closer to the center and yet there is one hit way off to the left.
The second group of the SCDS (figure 10-A) has that string line group that the SVT-40 is famous for. The SVT-40 really is a hoot to shoot even with its faults of shifting in its stock and it being picky with its ammo. If the bore and especially the crown is good, then 3-4 MOA is an altogether reasonable expectation with ammo it likes. There is an excellent article in the new issue of GCA Journal Fall 2013 about the SVT 40 and WW2 M1 Rifle.
A rifle that has seen the gates of hell in WWII then made its way to me here in North America. The gas system for the SVT was originally set at 1.5 for the 185gr ammo but the ejection what violent throwing the shell casings way out in front of the rifle. This group isn't as good as the first group with the SCDS but its still closer to where I was actually aiming. I was using the SCDS ammo for this one again but at this point, I didn't know the SCDS was hitting higher than the MFS was so I first tried aiming higher but missed. I had 5 more rounds of the MFS and 5 more rounds of the SCDS left and continued to plink at various targets at 100 and 200 meters.
Of course, if you are one of those ones who can't stick around long, or just don't like to read , They're a bunch of pictures and each picture is labeled so you should be able to understand the review just from looking at the pictures.
I adjusted down to 1.2 and the rifle would eject the round just off to the rifle still on the table.

I will have to try and shim the stock to get the rifle to fit better to see if this is actually true.
But you see it countless times people come to the shooting range, bench rest their rifle and group it, are happy or not with their groups, then go home but never actually try to hit something with it.
I left the sights set for 100 on the rifle and first tried aiming below the turkey and missed. Came down and aimed at the targets leg and got the sound of the hard hitting connect and the target slamming to the ground. The SVT-40 asks more out of its owner so if you intend to get one, be prepared as the SVT-40 is quite demanding with having to adjust the gas system for different loads, which isn't hard even without the tool, and its complex design can be a pain in the *** to get use to taking the gun apart and cleaning it.
I've found that these rifles were largely individually fitted, and that the trigger group should take a rather hefty amount of pressure to latch for best accuracy. I have some Katana repair kits that have little pieces of wood that would work perfect for shimming the stock or anything else that needs to be shimmed. There is a steel silhouette of a turkey at 200 meters as well as two body silhouette steel targets.
There is a hit in the black tap and it may be hard to see so I've marked it with a red dot. Plinking and target shooting are two completely different things and hunting is more like plinking than target shooting and at that, hunting is off hand not bench rested.
It makes sense but I didn't think the trajectory of 148gr 7.62x54r would still be rising that much at 200 meters.
My friends and I use to play a game that involved clay birds that were placed at various distances and it was like a game of HORSE if you know what that is. There was never a single failure well the rifle was in use today but the rifle had troubles chambering the first round only with the 148gr SCDS ammo for some reason.

My personal favorite hunting shooting position is sitting down with your elbows resting on your knees. One person hits one of the clay birds at a distance, standing, sitting, or prone and you had to match that hit or better to avoid getting a letter added to your HORSE. I understand the CZ 550 isn't a milsurp and it appears on a milsrup website but it was just for reference to show that I'm not a terrible shooter and the SVT-40 really is pretty inaccurate without shimming the stock properly. After 40 rounds, you do begin to feel the effects of the recoil in your sholder but its not bad. The first person to miss enough to spell out HORSE has to buy the case of beer when we get home.
This strange radical change in shot placement must really be the rifle shifting in the stock or I'm just that bad at shooting. A rifle that shifts in its stock would be completely unacceptable for a sniper rifle although, some of the craftier troops figured out field modifications to shim the SVT-40s stock with scraps of wood. I have a feeling that out of the 5 shots, the 3 that actually group is the accuracy the rifle should get. Not sure if its the fact the SCDS ammo is premium ammo or if the SVT-40 just likes the 148gr, 9.6 gram bullets better then the 185gr, 12 gram bullets.

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