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Leech therapy can help cure the three most common ear and hearing problems - Sudden Hearing Loss, Tinnitus and Otitis Media. Otitis media or infection of the middle ear is the most common ear problem, not only in children but in adults as well. People suffering from the above mentioned ailments can greatly benefit from leech therapy, particularly when the ear and hearing problem is caused by an infection or a vascular problem. Firstly, leeches secrete an anesthetic enzyme to desensitize the area and will then release beneficial enzymes and components into the bloodstream which will work to prevent the coagulation of blood and dissolve blood clots. This condition can take place over a period of a few hours or a few days and although there are a few known causes such as a vascular problem or an immune system problem, the most common cause is unknown. It can be caused by an infection, an inner ear disease, side effects from medications or exposure to sudden and very loud noise.

Tinnitus means sizzling or ringing sounds in the ears, which can be constant or intermittent. Take 120 to 240 mg of standardized extract containing 24 to 32 percent flavonoids and 6 to 12 percent terpenoids.Take it daily, ideally in three or four divided doses, for six weeks to get positive results.
While it is not always easy to find the exact cause of tinnitus, there are a number of natural remedies to reduce ringing in the ears that are very effective. Apple Cider VinegarBeing an antifungal and anti-inflammatory agent, apple cider vinegar can also be used to treat any underlying infection that may be contributing to tinnitus. OnionsThe medicinal and antibacterial properties of onions help treat ear infections causing tinnitus. Could have been a coincidence but till the day she passed away (nearly 40 yrs) she never had another bout with Menieres.

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